Hulk Hogan will be one of the many WWE Legends on hand for SmackDown's premiere on FOX and he stopped by The Herd hosted by Colin Cowherd ahead of the event. There Hogan talked about The Rock following in his footsteps in terms of using wrestling as a stepping stone to branch out into entertainment.

"I kicked the door open with the wrestling and the entertainment part. I also kicked the door open because I made 15 or 16 little kid movies," said Hogan. "Then The Rock came along and he ripped the door off the hinges. He went bang!!

"The coolest thing was, one of the times I wrestled Madison Square Garden, I threw my headband out and an eight-year-old Rock caught my headband. He tells the story right before the last Jumanji they were doing and during a press tour he tells a story of when he caught the headband."

Hogan last wrestled in 2012 but decades in the ring have clearly caught up with him. He limped into his appearane on The Herd and talked about all of the various surgeries he's been through.

"Well I just walked in here on one crutch. I'm going in on back surgery No. 10. I didn't get the memo that said it was all fake," stated Hogan. "I've had this [right] knee cut on five times and then replaced it. This knee [left] cut on three times then replaced it. Both hips done and I'm going on my tenth back surgery plus all kind of stuff from getting kicked and hit and fixed and re-fixed.

"So, it's tough on you and these young wrestlers and sports entertainers that are going crazy and diving off the top ropes, I just pray for them that they stay healthy."