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The biggest question that fans want answered tonight is, how will Sami Callihan redeem himself, after the damage he caused last week during Melissa Santos and Brian Cage's wedding reception?

The show begins with oVe outside. They are walking into the arena. Gabby Loren asks Sami Callihan if he has a moment to comment about what happened last week. Dave Crist takes over and says that they are there as security for Callihan, and that he'll do the talking once he makes his way to the ring.

The show opener is shown right after.

The show kicks off with a triple threat Knockouts match.

Madison Rayne vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Tenille Dashwood

Both Rayne and Hogan team up on Dashwood by exchanging back in forth hits. Dashwood pushes Rayne out of the ring. Dashwood with a butterfly suplex, goes for the cover and Hogan kicks out. Rayne is back in the ring and climbs up on Dashwood's back. Dashwood is able to get her off. Double dropkicks from Rayne and Hogan on to Dashwood. Dashwood with a stretched arms submission. Rayne is able to get out of it. Hogan and Rayne Irish Whip Dashwood into the corner. Hogan follows it up with a basement dropkick. Rayne slides Dashwood out of the ring. Dashwood with a forearm. Hogan goes for a suicide dive, lands right on Rayne. Hogan and Dashwood are in the ring. Dashwood with the cover, Hogan kicks out. Both women are up and Hogan lands a few forearms. Rayne and Hogan set Dashwood up on the top rope. Both women climb to the second rope, down goes Hogan. Dashwood reverses, buckle bombs Rayne, and plants her right on top of Hogan. Dashwood with a big boot to Hogan then a tarantula submission on the ropes. Dashwood breaks the hold. Rayne and Hogan begin to argue. Dashwood gets up and lands the Spotlight on Rayne. Goes for the cover and picks up her third straight win!

Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Johnny Swinger is backstage getting pumped up. He walks past and spanks who he thinks is a lady on the behind. The camera zooms in and its Jimmy Jacobs!

Backstage: Eddie Edwards is talking to Tommy Dreamer about needing help. Dreamer says yes he does, he has a drinking problem. Edwards says that Reno Scum drugged him. Dreamer asks how does he know if it was them who did it? He says the TV told him. What Dreamer doesn't realize is that Edwards was talking to Kenny the kendo stick the whole time and not him. Edwards picks Kenny as his tag team partner to take on Reno Scum later tonight.

Up next, a singles match!

Johnny Swinger vs. Owen Traverse

Bell rings, both men lock up. Traverse backs Swinger up into the corner. Swinger comes back with a big shoulder tackle. Follows it up with a clothesline. Swinger with a back break and then a chest chop. Swinger puts Traverse right up in the ropes. A rope break occurs. Swinger with a giant swing neck breaker. Goes for the cover and wins his first match in Impact.

Winner: Johnny Swinger

Backstage: Loren interviews The North and asks how they're feeling about having to defend their titles in a 3-way match at Bound For Glory against Willie Mack & Rich Swann, and Rob Vam Dam & Rhino. They are taking off guard with the question, and aren't too pleased that they'll have to defend their titles against two other teams.

Backstage: Loren interviews Tessa Blanchard and asks if she is surprised with what Callihan did last week to Santos. She says that he is too dangerous. She says she is on a mission and each one of oVe has a target on their backs.

After Blanchard's interview, The Impact Plus Moment of the Week is shown. It's Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Back from the Impact Plus Moment of the Week, a tag team match begins.

Eddie Edwards and Kenny (the kendo stick) vs. Reno Scum

Before the match: Alisha Edwards is backstage. Ace Austin finds her and asks if she is doing ok after what happened at the wedding last week. She says she's fine. Austin says that he is concerned about Edwards and thinks he has a substance abuse problem. He tells her he is just a call away if she needs him.

Now, we're back to the match!

Edwards puts Kenny up on the apron. It's Edwards and Adam Thornstowe who start the match. Edwards with an overhead suplex on Thornstowe. Luster The Legend comes in the match and says that he wants Edwards to tag in Kenny. Luster pushes Edwards into the corner and throws a few forearms, followed by a clothesline. Luster drags Edwards over to his corner and takes in Thornstowe. Thornstowe with a dropkick, goes for the cover, and Edwards kicks out. Thornstowe goes over and tags in Luster. Commentator Don Callis says that Kenny doesn't look like he cares about his partner as he just sits there in the corner. Also says it looks like Kenny is taking the night off. Legend with a big elbow to the heart. Goes for the cover again and Edwards kicks out. Luster pushes Edwards into Thornstowe's armpit and Edwards takes a big whiff. Edwards fires back with a vertical suplex. The fans begin to chant "Kenny." Edwards crawls over and tags him in. Kenny takes a swing at both members of Reno Scum, courtesy of Edwards. Kenny throws itself to the outside. Edwards follows with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Edwards finishes the match with a Boston Knee Party. Goes for the cover on Thornstowe. He and Kenny pick up the win!

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Kenny (the kendo stick)

Backstage: The North walk down a hallway and in one of the rooms, they see Konnan just sitting on the couch, chilling. Konnan seems them, stands up, and takes a shot of tequila. They go in and shut the door.

Several people are checking on a knocked out Konnan. Rich Swann makes his way into the room and shouts for someone to help.

Now, oVe make their way down to the ring. There is security standing by each ring post on the outside. Callihan picks up the microphone and says that what happened last week to Santos was a tragedy. Impact Management told Callihan to come down and apologize for his actions. He begins reading a letter. His letter has a twist, it isn't sincere. Halfway through the letter, Brian Cage's music hits. He takes out the security guards, the Crist Brothers, and Madman Fulton. Cage walks over to Callihan. Callihan runs. He goes over the barricade. Cage accidentally grabs a fan and throws him out of his seat. Scott D' Amore comes out and several referees. Cage gets handcuffed and is taken out of the arena.

Back from the commercial break, "The Golden Draw" Jake Crist joins Callis and Josh Mathews on commentary. He is out to watch the second X-Division qualification match.

Daga vs. Chris Bey

Daga begins with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Bey comes back with a kick to the back of Daga's neck. Daga with a second rope suicide dive to Bey from the outside. Both men roll back into the ring. Daga with a running forearm and then a running leg dropkick. Goes for the cover and Bey kicks out. Bey rolls over the top rope and lands on Daga from the outside. The fans begin to clap and cheer after that. Bey goes for the cover and Daga kicks out. Daga with a backbreaker, goes for the cover, and Bey kicks out. Bey with a back kick towards Daga's shoulder. Bey fires away with 10 hits. Both men are on the top rope and Bey lands a Spanish Fly. Goes for the cover and Daga kicks out. Daga then counters with a vertical backstabber. Goes for the cover and now has punched his ticket to the number two spot. He will be competing in the X-Division title ladder match at Bound For Glory.

Winner: Daga

Post-Match: Jake Crist makes his way into the ring and holds the X-Division title high. Dave Crist sneaks his way in to attack Daga from behind. What looked like a 2-on-1 beatdown suddenly leveled out, as Blanchard made her way down to the ring and helped Daga clean house.

Backstage: TJP is getting ready for his match against Michael Elgin. Fallah Bahh will be accompanying him tonight!

Outside: Callihan and Fulton are outside and are waiting for the Crist Brothers so they can leave the arena.

Earlier in the day, Mathews hosted a press conference and spoke with the press, NFL legends, and D'Amore about who they think will win at BFG, Moose or Ken Shamrock? Both men make their way to the press conference. They both confront one another. Shamrock says Moose busted the NFL. A fight breaks out and everyone tries there best to hold both men back.

Outside: Father James Mitchell is talking to Jessicka Havok and says he warned her to stay far away from Su Yung. He says she needs to start showing remorse. Taya Valkyrie interrupts and says that she'll help Havok, if she takes out Dashwood. If Havok takes out Dashwood, she'll give her a title shot at BFG.

And now, our main event match!

Michael Elgin vs. TJP (w/Fallah Bahh)

The fans begin to chant "TJP." This motivates TJP, as he begins the match with a few strikes. Goes for a sunset flip and Elgin counters it with a fist to TJP's head. TJP comes back with two back of the knee kicks. Elgin with a strong clothesline. TJP snaps Elgin's arm. A commercial break follows.

Back from the final commercial break, Elgin is taking the lead. TJP reverses by twisting Elgin's arm. TJP throws himself onto Elgin. Elgin from the outside powerbombs TJP right on the apron. Elgin then lands a thunderous chop. They both make their way back to the ring. Elgin with a German Suplex, followed by a bridge pin. TJP kicks out. Elgin on the top rope, TJP lands a hurricanrana. TJP then goes for a springboard. Goes the for the cover and Elgin kicks out. TJP takes Elgin's arm after the kick out and locks it into a submission. Elgin breaks out of it. Elgin pulls up TJP and goes for the second powerbomb. Elgin with another clothesline, goes for the cover, and TJP kicks out. Bahh from the outside begins to chant "TJP." Callis is shocked that Bahh can talk. TJP goes for a suicide dive, Elgin catches him midair and slams him back first on the ramp. Elgin lands a falcon arrow, goes for the cover, TJP kicks out again. Elgin pulls up TJP and buckle bombs him, then puts him away with an Elgin Bomb. Goes for the cover one last time. Gets the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Outside: Santos is on the phone with her mom. Callihan takes her phone and tells her mom that everything is good and that she and Cage are in good hands. Callihan makes it clear that what he did last week to her made him feel really, really, good. This concludes the show.

Here is a preview for what's to come on next week's episode!