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As stated in a press conference on Friday, Bound For Glory has officially sold out. Congratulations to Impact and their fans for this celebratory accomplishment!

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The show starts with Josh Mathews welcoming fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with the third X-Division Championship Qualification Match.

Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards

Before the match starts, Austin shows off his new shirt that says in the front "Ace Austin 3:16." On the back it says "I just banged your wife." He walks down the ramp and a female fan, who is wearing his shirt, screams out at him. He goes over and kisses her.

Now, to the match. Edwards is irate and starts off the match just taking Austin out. He goes for several clotheslines and chest chops. Outside of the ring, they continue to brawl. Austin runs over and kisses the female fan again. Edwards slams Austin into the ring post. They both make their way back into the ring. Austin pushes Edwards into the corner and kicks him a few times. Edwards gets out of the corner and chest chops Austin. Back on the outside, Edwards headbutts Austin. Austin takes a drink from an audience member and splashes Edwards with it.

Back in the ring, Austin low rope springboards on to Edwards. Austin puts Edwards back in the corner and goes for a foot choke. Edwards with Austin in the corner now. Goes for more brutal chest chops. Austin's chest is now beginning to welt. Sitting on the top rope, Austin kicks the back of Edward's head. Edwards with a back suplex off the top rope. Reno Scum slowly make their way down to the ring. Austin takes advantage of the distracted Edwards with a cutter. Goes for the cover and Edwards kicks out. Edwards with a blue thunder bomb. Goes for the cover and Austin kicks out. Edwards with a Boston Knee Party, goes for the cover, and Reno Scum drags the referee out of the ring. Edwards goes out and attacks them. He then goes over to the commentary table and grabs Kenny the kendo stick from underneath and hits Reno Scum with it.

With Edwards back in the ring, Austin goes for the fold. Goes for the cover and Edwards kicks out. Then, the referee gets distracted by Reno Scum. Austin reveals that he has a piece of steel underneath his arm. Hits Edwards with it, goes for the cover, and wins the match.

Winner: Ace Austin

Austin is now the fourth participant in the X-Division Ladder match for the title at BFG.

Post-Match: Reno Scum and Austin continue their attack on Edwards.

Backstage: Taya Valkyrie is talking to herself and Rosemary sneaks up from behind. Valkyrie tells Rosemary that she has to face Havok tonight and she doesn't want to and needs Rosemary's help. Rosemary tells her that she won't help her, but she'll watch. Valkyrie is not happy about that.

Up next, a six-man tag team match!

The Desi Hit Squad vs. Rascalz

Right as the bell was about to ring, the Desi Hit Squad go right after all three members of the Rascalz. Trey, now in the ring, fights off both Raj Singh and Rohit Raju. Raju (the legal man) tags in Singh. Trey fights back with several hits. Singh suplexes Trey. Goes for the cover, and Trey kicks out. Singh tags in Raju. Trey counters many of Raju's strikes. He crawls over to tag in Dez. The referee pushes Dez back to his corner, since he was busy taking care of Raju and didn't see the tag. The Desi Hit Squad takes advantage of this and all three men attack Trey. Raju is tagged in again by Singh. Raju goes for a backdrop on Trey, goes for the cover, and Trey kicks out. Raju tags in Singh. Trey with a big kick rolls over to tag in Wentz. Wentz starts with a big kick. Dez steps in the ring and he and Wentz work together to take down Mahabali Shera. Wentz and Dez both attempt two suicide dives, but are picked up midair by Shera, who slams them back into the apron. Trey, still in the ring, flips over the top rope and lands on Shera.

All the Rascalz are in the ring trying to take down Shera. Shera starts cleaning house. He puts Wentz down with a powerbomb. He drags Singh over to cover Wentz. Goes for the cover and picks up the win.

Winners: The Desi Hit Squad

Backstage: Jordynne Grace is working out last minute and her opponent tonight, Katie Forbes, throws her keys at Grace and tells her to park her car. Grace fires back by saying that she is a wrestler, not a chore woman. Forbes laughs. Grace says that she better watch it because she is going to kick her a--.

Back to the ring. A championship match is underway!

Taya Valkyrie (c) (w/John E. Bravo) vs. Havok (w/ Father James Mitchell) for the Impact Knockout's Championship

Tenille Dashwood joins Callis and Mathews on commentary before the match starts. Bell rings, and Havok screams at Valkyrie. She falls to the mat, terrified. With Valkyrie in the corner, Havok goes for a clothesline and a running knee. Havok follows it up with a backbreaker. Valkyrie makes a comeback with several stomps, a foot choke, and a running knee. Havok fights back with another backbreaker. Both women are on the ropes. Valkyrie off the top rope with a double stomp, drags her over to the center of the ring. Goes for the cover and Havok kicks out. Valkyrie attempts several short arm strikes and a palm strike. Havok with a takedown, goes for a cover and Bravo drags the referee out of the ring. Bravo puts his hands on the referee and he (the ref) calls for the match to end.

Winner By Disqualification: Havok, but Valkyrie retains the title.

Post-Match: Valkyrie makes her way back in the ring with her title and attacks Havok with it. Dashwood comes into the ring and starts beating up Valkyrie. Valkyrie gets out of the ring quickly.

Backstage: oVe, well Sami Callihan, does all the talking. He says that it's Brian Cage's fault that his wife got hit with the champagne bottle two weeks ago. He says he deserves to be in jail. Then, he talks about Jake Crist and Madman Fulton's match with Daga and Tessa Blanchard, which will happen later on in the show. He says no one messes with oVe.

Backstage: The North is being interviewed and Rich Swann and Willie Mack interrupt by saying they're looking forward to being the next tag team champions at BFG. Then, Rhino and Rob Van Dam come into the interview and say that they will be the champions, because they've been wrestling longer than any of those guys.

Up next, a singles match!

Moose (w/ Frank Trigg) vs. Stephan Bonnar

Moose begins with a waist lock takedown. Bonnar gets up and goes for an arm drag. Moose steps out of the ring to take a breather. The referee begins the count. Bonnar joins him on the outside. Moose with several hits slams Bonnar into the steel stairs. They're now back in the ring. Moose takes the lead with several elbow strikes to Bonnar's face. Bonnar counters with a spinning heel kick. Bonnar is split open near his eye. Moose with a few chest chops. Bonnar climbs up to the top rope and Moose throws the referee towards Bonnar. The referee calls for the match.

Winner By Disqualification: Stephan Bonnar

Post-Match: Moose continues his attack on Bonnar. Ken Shamrock's music hits and he runs down the ramp. Shamrock with a dropkick. Shamrock puts Moose in an ankle lock. Moose taps.

Back from the break, a Knockouts singles match is about to begin!

Katie Forbes vs. Jordynne Grace

Forbes starts the match with a side headlock on Grace. Grace reverses with a headscissors. Grace with a shoulder tackle. Grace follows it up with a dropkick. Forbes with foot choke. Goes for it again. Now, Forbes drives herself into Grace in the corner. Grace gets out and creates an uncomfortable wedgie for Forbes and sends her into the ropes. Forbes fights back with a tornado DDT. She goes for the cover and Grace kicks out. Grace secures a win after a vicious Grace Driver!

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Backstage: An injured Forbes runs into Johnny Swinger. He says that he could give some pointers to help her win future matches. After Forbes leaves, Grace out of nowhere, slaps Swinger in the face.

Now, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week.

After the Impact Plus Moment of the Week, we see Fallah Bahh stretching backstage. TJP tells him that they're not done working out just yet. TJP is getting Bahh ready for his match against Michael Elgin next week!

And now, the main event match!

Jake Crist & Madman Fulton (w/ Dave Crist) vs. Tessa Blanchard & Daga

Jake Crist and Daga begin the match. Crist slaps Daga right in the face. Crist yells out that he wants Blanchard. Daga goes over and tags her in. Crist walks back to his corner and instead of fighting her, tags in Fulton. Blanchard goes for a waist lock. Fulton breaks out it. Blanchard chokes Fulton, then kicks him right in the midsection. Daga gets tagged in. Blanchard and Daga with a double clothesline to Fulton. He falls to the outside. Dave Crist on the outside with a cheap shot on Daga. Blanchard goes over to stop it. Fulton and Daga are back in the ring. Fulton plants a chokeslam. Daga with a cutter. Fulton tags in Crist and Daga tags in Blanchard. Blanchard with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, which then turns in to a DDT. Goes for the cover and Crist kicks out. Daga with a corkscrew press on Fulton from the outside. Blanchard with a Magnum on Crist in the ring. Goes for the cover and picks up the win!

Winners: Tessa Blanchard & Daga

Post-Match: Dave, Jake, and Fulton continue the beat down on Blanchard and Daga.

With all three members of oVe in the ring, a camera from the outside shows Cage arriving to the arena. He starts yelling out "Where's Sami?" He makes his way down to the ring and starts cleaning house. Callihan makes his way down to the ring with a steel chair and hits Cage in the back with it. Cage starts choking Callihan. oVe holds down Cage as Callihan hits him right in the baby maker. The Crist brothers are handcuffing Cage to the top rope. Callihan grabs his baseball bat. As he's about to hit him, Melissa Santos makes her way down to the ring. She begs Callihan not to do it. Cage yells out please leave to Santos. Callihan grabs Santos by the hair and puts her in the Cactus Special. Cage is screaming out for someone to help her. oVe stands tall in the ring before the show ends.

That concludes this week's episode. Here is a sneak peek of what's to come next week!