Below are highlights from the Being the Elite Halloween special:

* Animation of a large portion of the AEW roster: Kids are playing with their AEW action figures. Kenny Omega holds up what looks to be a Dave Meltzer figure and tells him to hand over all of his stars. Britt Baker tells Omega to stop being mean, Omega tells her to shut up "or Adam gets it," an Adam Cole figure is laying on some train tracks. She calls for help, Chris Jericho is sitting in a buck of water with his title and AEW title and says not to look at him. Adam Page then shows up to help and says he's here to outwork everyone. Omega says he's the best, but Page notes his AEW win / loss record.

Omega tries to hide behind Cody's dog, Pharaoh, Page "pushes" Luchasaurus at Omega (while saying he's more over than anyone on the roster). Page and Luchasaurus take him to jail. We see it was Matt and Nick playing with the figures. They pull a string on Page and he gives his "cowboy s---" line, then we see "BTE Story."

* Cut to Adam page waking up in a hotel and saying, "Me and Kenny feuding? Yeah right. I thought last year's Halloween was weird. He pulls down the blanket and he's got a BTE Story shirt on.

* Spooky BTE intro is used for the episode.

* Matt burns the terrible blue Young Bucks shirt that Nick designed. He laughs and tells the shirt to never come close to him or his family again. Page noticed Matt is in a great mood, Matt says "Let's just say, I no longer have the blues" and heads off, Page says he doesn't know what Matt is talking about. Matt heads to his hotel room in a great mood. He walks in and sees the shirt he burned on the bed, but it's a random Power Rangers shirt. Matt goes to sleep and in comes Nick, wondering where Matt has been, he's late for today's TV taping. Matt goes to wash his face and says he doesn't know what's gotten into him lately as he looks up he's wearing the shirt again.

He comes out to tell Nick he burned the shirt, but he's no longer wearing it. Nick just tells him to get dressed. Matt goes to the closet and opens it, a bunch of blue Young Bucks shirts are in there, Matt freaks out and falls down in a bed of blue shirts. Matt asks Nick if he's losing his mind. He checks the closet again and there's nothing in there, he closes the door, and opens it again, the shirts are back. Nick then peeks out and says "merch freak." Matt then wakes up from his dream, but has the blue shirt on. Nick then opens the curtain and yells merch freak. We see Nick's weird merch freak video.

* Private Party show up to a party and both dressed as Spider-Man for it. Cassidy says it was his turn to be Spider-Man, they bicker a bit and the "woman" behind them is done making drinks. The guy rips their hair off and has creepy make-up on, "Drinks are ready!" Private Party runs.

* Backstage, Private Party sees Adam Page and send their condolences about Page's horse passing away. Page says he misses him already, Frankie Kazarian (with the AEW Tag Title around his shoulder and doing that same arm workout) yells, "Do you?!" Kazarian then says it'll get better with time. Page bumps into Chuck Taylor and says he looked like an ass in his match (he dressed up as a Rick and Morty character). Taylor was annoyed Page got to say "s---" on TV. Page didn't appreciate Taylor's initial message about his horse ("Sorry, I killed your horse") on social media. Taylor said it was a simple typo, but he knows a way Page could talk to his horse again.

Taylor says to look in his eyes, Page bugs out and goes into a different realm. He follows the "Dead Horse" sign, some animated Young Bucks ask Page if he's anger at them or angry at himself. An animated Marty Scurl flies by in the corner. A giant animated Chris Jericho says "Maybe your horse wouldn't have died, if you could have beaten me." He makes it to a graveyard, finally bumps into the horse who says "We could have road off into the sunset doing cowboy s---, but you had to go on and let me die." Taylor snaps Page out of it, tells Page he didn't kill his horse, probably was just old age. Cut back to Taylor who has a horse mask on.

* Locker room, Omega wanted to talk with Matt about the AEW video game. He says it's going well. Omega says people thought they knew what they wanted, something like WrestleMania 2000 / No Mercy on the Nintendo 64, but that's old and in the past. Omega says they have to look to the future: virtual reality. Omega says it's going to be super real, so real you could taste your own blood. He asks Matt if he has the beta code and really needs feedback. Matt doesn't want to play, says games are for kids. Matt finally agrees to play with Omega. Matt says he picked the best character (himself), but Omega says according to the game, he picked the best (Nick).

They start the game and cut to Matt and Nick jumping into the ring, dressed in their Halloween costumes from Street Fighter. Matt and Nick wrestled each other a bit (complete with cheesy video game sound effects) as Matt and Kenny are totally out of it. Kenny wins the first round, they go again. Matt then spams superkicks and hits a hadouken to win the second. In the third round Kenny then says he's a bit turned on and while they wrestle he tries to kiss Matt in the game. Matt yells "exit game!" Omega then wakes up sitting next to Page and says he hasn't had a wet dream in months.

Andrew Lee contributed to this article.