Kiera Hogan Opens Up About Coming Out And Her Girlfriend Diamante, Teases Impact - WOW Crossover

Impact Knockout Kiera Hogan announced some important personal news recently as she came out and stated she's in a relationship with fellow Knockout Diamante. Wrestling Inc caught up with Hogan recently to talk about that announcement as well as her supporting the drag culture when she spoke to our Nick Hausman on our WINCLY podcast.

"I'm into the drag culture and I watch it on YouTube a lot. I wasn't into the show but I always catch clips of RuPaul's Drag Race. It's my first show and I'm excited to be here," Hogan said.

She was also at the show to support her friend and drag queen Aurora Gozmic who was asked about all of the various wrestlers appearing to lend their support.

"I never thought when I started a show that I would have a bunch of wrestlers here being a part of it," Gozmic said. "I'm really excited because I think female wrestling is amazing and they almost do exactly what we do. They put on a character, costumes and just as much make up as me and get up there and perform. So, I'm excited for tonight."

Hogan has labeled this her Coming Out Party and she talked about the journey she's been on over the last few months.

"I had a post at the end of Pride Month and a month later I came out and said I was dating one of the fellow wrestlers, Diamante, my lovely girlfriend. I got to drop the puck at the Chicago Wolves game during their first Pride Night which was amazing. I'm still speechless on all of the things I've done so far and this is one of the last stops on the tour. Then we have that last one and it's on to Bound for Glory," Hogan said before being asked why this was the right time to come out.

"I feel so true and so happy. I'm thrilled and have a sense of freedom to share that I'm dating a girl, let alone a fellow wrestler and co-worker. She made me feel so happy and loved and open that I wanted to share it with the world."

Gozmic then added that it's amazing that an athlete in the main stream is coming out and creating "Queer Visibility."

Hogan was then asked about Impact Wrestling's big announcement of their own in that they are moving to AXS TV shortly.

"Well, I don't want to brag but tonight me and Adrenaline aka Diamante aka my girlfriend debuted as a tag team on AXS TV as Wild Superheroes," Hogan revealed. "So it's awesome that Impact is moving to AXS this week because this week for me alone has been crazy. It's just one thing after another and it keeps adding to the excitement."

AXS TV already houses Women's of Wrestling and Hogan was asked if she would like to see the two promotions work together down the line.

"Oh yeah, definitely. I would love to see some crossovers especially with women's wrestling coming to the forefront. It just adds more fuel to the fire," Hogan stated.

Kiera Hogan can be seen every Tuesday night, starting October 29th, at 8/7c as part of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV. For more information about Impact please visit Her full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of Tuesday's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post, or via the video player at the top. Featuring Kiera discussing hosting her first drag show, similarities between drag and pro wrestling, her "Coming Out Party", dating fellow wrestler Diamante, Impact Wrestling's move to AXS TV, possible crossover between Impact and WOW and more.

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