Outside of getting into it with a Canadian police officer, Lacey Evans also had a recent Twitter exchange with WWE Hall of Famer Madusa/Alundra Blayze. Many were questioning if it was all a work and Madusa discussed the exchange when she spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"Lacey and I were having fun in DMs on the back side. What's really nice is you're gonna get very respectful people talking on the DMs saying, 'Hey are you good with this' before you put it out. I'm sure there's a lot of that on the other side with WWE because they would not let that happen," said Madusa.

"Lacey's an amazing woman and has to be one of the hardest workers. She is beautiful, talented and has a big future in front of her. I idolize her and think she's amazing. When we were going back and forth, we were just having fun. Then it got to the point where we had to scale it back because we're not gonna go into a program."

Madusa was then asked if she wished that it did develop into a program and she wanted it to but it was still great to build up Evans as a heel.

"WWE said you need to scale back and quit that," Madusa said of the exchange becoming more heated. "There is a lot of control there with the talent and I'm sure they watch all of that stuff. But what's more important is separating your personal life from your character."

If given the change to have a match with Evans, Madusa is all for it as many see similarities between her wrestling character and Evans'.

"Wouldn't that be great," Madusa asked of a match with Evans. "I think it would be! A lot of people say, 'Oh my God. Lacey is like a younger version of Madusa!' I think it's such a compliment. She's a beautiful mother, a great wife and a great entertainer. She has a big future."

Many former wrestlers that are Madusa's age are clamoring for one more match and Madusa was asked if she would truly want that.

"I've become more truthful when I'm asked questions and I'm not so old school to what are people gonna think when I say the truth? With that being said, is there one more in me? I don't know. Maybe, probably, would I want to? I don't know. If it was with a Bull Nakano…I don't know," stated Madusa.

She then put over what they did with Trish Stratus and her final match. She said it was done respectfully and right in her own country and it's a good way for fans to remember wrestlers from the past.

"I feel that anything from the Attitude Era and back is forgotten almost. I feel there's a lot of people, men and women, not utilized or thought of like that and given their last match. It's forgotten and it's very disrespectful," stated Madusa. "There's a lot of great people out there. I know back in the day a lot of people would say, 'I've got one more run in me' but half of us can't even walk."

She added that lifespan of a wrestler of more than 10-12 years does damage to your body. At 56 years old she's lucky to be doing this interview and she tells younger talent that the pain is coming when they get older.

"Once you retire and your body settles, it's almost like a bunch of crap inside crystallizes and it's going to hurt," said Madusa. "Gravity, age, nothing – it's catching up. I keep myself in great shape. I eat good and I have my vices – I love dill pickle sunflower seeds! But I feel having one more match, if I couldn't execute the way I wanted to, I wouldn't do it just for the sake. It would be great and the paycheck would be good, but I wouldn't do that.

"I wanna be remembered for what I was remembered for and not only throwing the title in the trash, but for all of the other things I've done."

She added that she could perhaps do a tag match so the partner can work and she can do the finish. But she is happy to see the progress women's wrestling has made and she thinks she was ahead of her time.

"You had Scott Hall's and everybody coming up and saying, 'Dus, none of the dudes wanna follow that man' and I'm like 'Wow'. I love how it has evolved and today's women's wrestling is exactly where I wanted it to be many years ago so I was so ahead of my time. I'm living vicariously through the wonderful men and women of today and I'm not talking one federation, I'm talking many federations," said Madusa.

Madusa is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign for her "My Personal Revolution Series". To donate and become a part of the project please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/madusa-my-personal-revolution-series#/.

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