Michael Elgin Comments On Kylie Rae's Possible Impact Wrestling Future

Impact recently held Bound for Glory, but they night before they presented All Glory. Michael Elgin talked about Impact working with indie promotions to put on the event when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"I think it's great and why I think it's great is because it's like a first-hand scouting tool. We do these small shows and we get to scout talent first-hand," said Elgin. "I know, as running promotions on a low-end, you get thousands of emails of people wanting to perform for you. Of course you want to look at them all but it gets hard?so I think it's a great tool to get eyes on different people and to scout talent.

"If you look at it, Impact is the only company that's really utilizing that."

Kylie Rae was also a part of All Glory and Elgin was asked what he thought of her.

"Oh my God, she's so fantastic. The first time I ever dealt with her, I had actually booked her against one of my female trainees, and everything about her just screams star," revealed Elgin. "Having her in a locker room, she's pleasant and it's contagious in a locker room. She's uber-talented in the ring and she's definitely somebody that I think would be great for Impact as a whole, not just in the Knockouts Division."

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