MJF Responds To Actor Joe Manganiello Over "Dungeons & Dragons" Diss

AEW's entertaining loud-mouth, Maxwell Jacob Friedman (also known as MJF), talked to Wrestling Inc. and some other journalists following his impressive victory against Brandon Cutler on this week's premiere episode of AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite on TNT. MJF openly discussed his previous Twitter spat with popular actor and proud Dungeons & Dragons fan, Joe Manganiello, with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman.

"Let me tell you something about Joe Manganiello ā€“ I don't care, dude. The most impressive thing that you have on your cinematography is that you got beat up by Spiderman. A nerd! So, I couldn't care less Joe Manganiello's opinion on anything I have to say on Twitter," Friedman said. "Twitter! And then I have people giving me death threats who play Dungeons & Dragons. Do you really think ā€“ I mean, let's just face the facts here. I tapped somebody out in three, maybe four minutes tops? Three and a half? Do you think I'm going to lose to a guy who's a 'level 95 knight in a street fight?'" MJF asked in a mocking tone. "No. Maybe rolling dice, pal."

Friedman thinks the anonymity and protection that the internet gives crazed fans is "ridiculous", as he thinks things would play out much different if he met them in person.

"But you're going to send me a death threat? You're out of your God dā€“n mind. I will literally kill you with my bare hands, I will kill you with my bare hands if you come near me. I'll murder you! It's mind-blowing to me how ridiculous these fans are. It is crazy to me, especially when they're behind their little phones, 'Oh, I'm going to get him. I'm going to get him right now! Yeah, got you MJF!' Like, no, you got nobody. I make an insane amount of money. You live in your basement with your grandmother. You've gotten no one! The only person you've gotten is yourself. Congratulations, you got yourself. You've punk'd yourself. You've pretty much Ashton-Kutchered yourself."

Late last month, MJF posted a picture of himself at the gym and accompanied the photo with the caption, "I don't play dungeons and dragons." That was when Manganiello first reached out to Friedman, commenting on the post with his shirtless cover photo of Muscle & Fitness magazine and responding, "I do..."

MJF would later comment with, "Check yourself before you wreck yourself Joey." Manganiello has yet to respond since, however, this week's match that put MJF against admitted D&D fan Brandon Cutler carried on the rivalry in spirit.

You can see the full tweets below:

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