Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episode of Fusion. Be sure to chime in on your thoughts about tonight’s show in the comments section below. Additionally, share our live coverage through social media. Tonight, fans are in for a treat as this week’s show takes place in Tijuana, Mexico. MLW is joining forces with The Crash Lucha Libre promotion. Enjoy the show!

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The show begins with Salina de la Renta on the phone. She runs right into Dynasty (Alex Hammerstone, MJF and Richard Holliday), as they are just exiting the building. De la Renta doesn’t get the joke that they were trying to make about Mexico and their fighters. She then slams them about chickening out of a tag team title match against the Von Erichs. She challenges MJF and Holliday against her clients, Los Parks, for a tag team championship match tonight. They aren’t too happy about it and make up every excuse to not fight. Hammerstone says that they’ll do it.

Commentators AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini welcome fans to MLW Fusion. They announce that there will be three big matches tonight including:

Rey Horus (Crash Heavyweight Champion) vs. Alex Hammerstone (National Openweight Champion) in a winner takes all match.

Dynasty (c) vs. Los Parks for the MLW World Tag Team Championships

But first, a triple threat match!

Oráculo vs. Black Danger vs. Ricky Marvin

Danger kicks Oráculo in the face. Marvin and Danger double team on Oráculo. Oraculo ties Marvin up in the ropes and foot chokes him. He breaks it up. Marvin slams Danger into Oráculo. He then goes to work on Oráculo by choking him on the ropes. Oráculo fires back with a few forearm exchanges. On the outside, Danger chest chops Oráculo. Oráculo returns the favor to Danger. All three men make their way back into the ring. Oráculo with a cutter on to Marvin. He follows it up with a standing moonsault on Danger from the outside. He goes back in and plants a hurricanrana, which leads into a headscissors on Marvin. Goes for the cover and Marvin kicks out. Marvin tweaks Oráculo’s arm.

Marvin goes for both men’s knees. He goes for an ace crusher on Danger. Goes for the cover and Danger kicks out. Danger with a rope assist piledriver on to Marvin follows. Danger piledrives Oráculo next. Oráculo with a Canadian Destroyer on Marvin. Oráculo perched on the top rope lands a 450 splash on Danger. Goes for the cover and picks up the win!

Winner: Oráculo

Backstage: Kaci Lennox was supposed to interview Brian Pillman Jr. about what went down last week with his match against Austin Aries, but instead, Low Ki took it upon himself to speak to Pillman and tell him to stop letting his emotions overrun his wrestling ability. He then proceeds to tell him that he is not playing a game of checkers, he’s instead playing a game of chess and needs to be careful. Before Pillman walks away, he says that Ki knows nothing about him.

Up next, Rey Horus vs. Alex Hammerstone. Before their match, MLW catches up with Dynasty while they are grocery shopping. They want nothing to do with the cameras, so they all walk away.

De la Renta is backstage cutting a promo on how LA Park will take the World Heavyweight Championship on November 2. Josef Samael interrupts her. He says that she needs to think with her mind and not with her heart. He is trying to lure her in to join CONTRA. She says no way, she chooses violence instead of joining his group. Jimmy Havoc enters the room and says that he just received a position as executive producer and he wants de la Renta and Samael to each pick someone from their respective groups to go one-on-one in a Tijuana street fight next week. Samael says he is going to represent himself next week.

Up next, a winner takes all match!

Rey Horus (Crash Heavyweight Champion) vs. Alex Hammerstone ( MLW National Openweight Champion) (w/ MJF and Holliday) in a winner takes all match.

MJF and Holliday leave the ring. Hammerstone lifts Horus and slams him into the turnbuckles. He goes for a kick and several forearms. He takes a bow in the middle of the ring. Hammerstone deadlifts Horus onto the mat. Now on the outside, Hammerstone chest chops Horus. He lifts Horus again and he lands face-first on the apron. Horus comes back alive with a suicide dive and a dropkick. Horus second rope leg drops onto Hammerstone. Goes for the cover and Hammerstone kicks out. Hammerstone takes the lead once more with a foot choke on Horus. After breaking it up, Hammerstone puts Horus in a headlock. Horus gets up and fights back.

Hammerstone is close with a vertical suplex, until Horus gets out of it. Horus goes over the ring post and lands on top of Hammerstone on the outside. The fans go wild! A fan in the audience hands Horus a chair. He doesn’t use it, unfortunately. Horus off the top rope with a crossbody. Goes for the cover and Hammerstone kicks out. Hammerstone with a bicycle kick, then a powerbomb. Goes for the cover and Horus kicks out. Hammerstone with a strong right hand. Horus off the second rope with a springboard DDT. Covers and only gets a 2 count. The referee gets knocked down. Hammerstone steps out and grabs the chair. He hits Horus with it. The referee slowly makes his way over and counts only up to 2 before Horus kicks out.

Horus with a Code Red. Goes for the cover, gets a 2 count. Horus goes up top and connects a 450 splash. As he is about to go for the cover, MJF and Holliday drag Horus out of the ring. The referee calls for the match.

Winner By Disqualification: Rey Horus. Neither man will be taking home two belts tonight.

A sneak peek of Havoc’s Slaughterhouse is shown. This will officially take place next week!

Next, commentary recaps all the matches that will be taking place on Saturday, November 2 at MLW’s pay-per-event, Saturday Night SuperFight in Chicago.

And now, our main event match!

Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday) (c) vs. Los Parks (LA Park & Hijo De La Park) (w/Salina de la Renta) for the MLW World Tag Team Championships

The fans in unison chant “Lucha.” MJF takes a microphone and says that he can’t wait until Donald Trump builds a wall. The fans boo loudly. He along with Holliday keeps talking smack to the crowd. Hijo replies to them with several cuss words in Spanish. Now, the bell rings. MJF and Hijo start the match. MJP has Hijo cornered. He gets out and MJF rolls out of the ring and calls for a timeout. Both Holliday and MJF go over and hit on de la Renta. Hijo and Holliday square off. Holliday with a shoulder tackle, then follows it up with a hip toss. Hijo counters with a backbreaker. He goes for the cover and Holliday kicks out. Holliday lands three stomps before tagging in MJF. LA goes in to help his son, who is being choked by MJF and Holliday, but the referee keeps pushing him back. MJF tags in Holliday. Holliday stomps Hijo in the midsection. MJF gets tagged in. He goes in and pokes Hijo right in the face before he tags in Holliday. They both work together with a double suplex. LA gets tagged in and double chops Holliday and MJF in the back. Hijo and LA with a flapjack, go for the cover and MJF kicks out. Los Parks with two suicide dives to the outside take out Holliday and MJF. Holliday and Hijo are in the ring and he lands a powerbomb. Holliday and MJF cover Hijo and retain their championships.

Winners and still MLW World Tag Team Champions: Richard Holliday & MJF

Next week, the premiere of Jimmy Havoc’s Slaughterhouse. He will be part of a three-way match between himself, Damian 666 and Savio Vega. Also, de la Renta still has to decide who will fight Josef Samael in a Tijuana street fight. All this and more next week!

That concludes this week’s episode of MLW Fusion! Thanks for watching!

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