More Reactions For WWE HIAC Main Event, HIAC YouTube Video Garners Large Number Of Dislikes

WWE fans have not been the only ones to voice their displeasure at the finish of last night's WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view event which is being regarded as one of the worst received in recent memory.

The main event saw WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins retaining his title over "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt via referee stoppage, although most fans watching live that it was a disqualification ... despite it being a Hell In A Cell match.

The video above from WWE's official YouTube account featuring Seth Rollins hitting Wyatt with a Stomp has 519,714 views. It currently has 11,000 likes and a huge number of dislikes with 42,000.

During the event, WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman was on the WWE Watch Along show and couldn't contain his displeasure as he watched with bafflement the disqualification finish.

"You may not ask me back for another one of these but how the hell do you get DQ'd in a Hell In A Freakin' Cell!," Waltman yelled.

WWE alumni also chimed in on their thoughts of the finish of last night's main event. Former WWE Tag Team Champion Shad Gaspard called the finish "BS".

"When wrestling becomes for the audience of one, the fans suffer," Gaspard said on Twitter. "When talent can't turn there own volume up without the fear of being put it catering hell, the fans suffer. When creative just wants to keep their job so they keep quiet, the fans suffer. Wrestling suffers???????"

Meanwhile, former WWE Superstar Ryback pointed out that the fans now had a choice to watch AEW.

"You guys now have the option not to tune in and watch on Monday," Ryback said. "Hit them where it hurts. Watch Wednesday on TNT from 8-10. It's not rocket science and you can show @wwe what you think not by complaining, but simply moving to a new brand."

AEW star Nyla Rose took a tongue in cheek look at the situation, commenting that she thought the uproar was about her in the match.

"Damn.... ppl so mad about what happened, I thought I was in that match??"

You can check out the tweets below. Our full WWE Hell In A Cell recap is here.