Rikishi Reveals Request Vince McMahon Had Before Taking The Stinkface

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi had a gimmick tailor-made for the Attitude Era complete with his Stinkface finisher. He gave the Stinkface to everyone from Stephanie McMahon to Vince McMahon and everyone in between.

Rikishi talked about delivering the Stinkface to his boss as well as visiting the Alamo Comic-Con when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"I'm excited to come to San Antonio. Texas was one of the first spots in my career in the 1980s when I wrestled for the Von Erichs. The Alamo Comic Con, I've never been to that Comic-Con so I'm very excited to meet and greet the fans but most of all to be able to bring autism awareness with Bustin 4 Autism there in Texas," said Rikishi.

He added that he first became aware of this when he met a woman in 2013 at a small convention whose daughter had autism. Rikishi said it was beautiful to meet that girl and ever since then he's tried to work with her and others to bring about autism awareness.

"It's a family thing to be able to come through and help people such as herself and for people with autism. People need to be aware of these special kids and people that are with autism," stated Rikishi. "I meet a lot of interesting fans with autism ? and to be able to meet and greet with these fans ? we can all learn a few things from them."

Rikishi is certainly using his platform as a famous wrestler for the right causes and he was asked if he feels a responsibility to do that.

"Absolutely, not only myself as a public figure but any public figure out there be it celebrities, movie stars, wrestlers and so forth. The platform that I use from pro wrestling, to be able to bring awareness to causes out there that are needed. So I'm so honored to be a part of Bustin 4 Autism," said Rikishi.

As mentioned earlier, Rikishi was known for his Stinkface finisher and he was asked if there was anyone who actually enjoyed being on the receiving end.

"It's probably the divas [laughs] which is kinda weird. The guys don't wanna take it. When they know they're gonna get a 400 pound bleached blond haired Samoan stick his ass in their face, the guys are not too fond of that [laughs]," said Rikishi.

Perhaps the most infamous Stinkface was the one Rikishi gave to Vince McMahon. Rikishi talked about the best part of doing that.

"It was great because I got paid for it [laughs]. Vince McMahon is a wonderful dude and I don't have nothing bad to say about the man. He's set up his platform for wrestlers in the past, present and future and he's taken care of a lot of families," said Rikishi.

"For us to be a part of his family, I'm talking about all the way to his father. My family has been there for 75+ years so it's a family thing to be a part of the WWE. So, I wanna thank Vince McMahon for continuing to put out entertainment for fans around the world."

Rikishi had all of these nice things to say about a man who willingly accepted a Stinkface for the good of his company. Rikishi also shared what McMahon told him before the Stinkface.

"Before we went out there he goes, 'Hey. I hope you washed your ass today.' I said just because it's called Stinkface doesn't mean my ass stinks," recalled Rikishi who then revealed some Stinkface secrets.

"I do have three different thongs. I have the thong I never take out the sandwich bag. I have the mediocre thong that I air out. Then I have the new thongs," stated Rikishi. "So for those you think I don't like, which thong do you think they get?

"So I wanted to give Vince McMahon the new thong. Otherwise I probably would have gotten fired the next day."

Rikishi will be appearing at the Alamo Comic-Con, on behalf of Bustin 4 Autism, this weekend from November 1st to the 3rd. For more information please click here. Rikishi's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. Featuring Rikishi discussing his upcoming appearance at the Alamo Comic-Con, his work with Bustin 4 Autism, the legacy of his sons The Usos, his cousin Roman Reigns' battle with leukemia, giving Vince McMahon the stinkface, his pro wrestling future, more.

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