– Samoa Joe spent time in Mexico this past week for a WWE promotional tour. Above is a new episode of WWE Ahora (WWE Now) with footage of The Samoan Submission Machine at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez for the 2019 Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix.

– We noted last week, via @Wrestlevotes, that the WWE Network had plans to bring back the Stone Cold Podcast with WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin. There was no date given but it was noted that the podcast would be returning under a new name.

The WWE Network was at one point quietly advertising a new special called “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions” a few days ago, according to WWE Network News. There’s no word yet on if this is the new Austin podcast special, but it looks like plans may have changed. WWE had the “Sessions” special advertised to air after Thursday’s WWE Crown Jewel event but now the “Day Of: SmackDown 20th Anniversary” documentary is scheduled to premiere after Crown Jewel as soon as it goes off the air. Stay tuned for updates on the new “Sessions” special from Austin and the WWE Network.

– Tuesday’s WWE Total Divas episode will feature Carmella getting into the studio to try and rap. There’s no word yet on what this is for, but it was reported that she and R-Truth had been working on a hip-hop song several months ago.

Carmella tweeted a GIF of her smooth entrance into the studio and wrote, “Actual footage of me walking into the recording studio for the first time. Seems pretty legit right? I shoulda quit when this happened. Watch me pretend to be a rapper tomorrow night on an all new episode of @TotalDivas.”

You can see the full tweet with GIF below: