– The latest edition of WWE Now in the video above features McKenzie Mitchell looking at The Rock’s return to SmackDown tonight and the reactions from WWE talent on Twitter. It includes responses from Matt Hardy, The Singh Bros. and Roman Reigns, who wrote, “Welcome back to The Yard, Uce. See you Friday @STAPLESCenter!!”

– Alfred Konuwa has an article at Forbes looking at all of the promotion that FOX has been doing for tonight’s SmackDown premiere. It lists 50 ways that FOX has promoted tonight’s show, including WWE talent appearing on national FOX Studio shows, FOX affiliate stations, the truck tours, WWE stars bring interviewed during FOX game broadcasts and more.

– The WWE On FOX Twitter account named Brock Lesnar suplexing The Big Show through the ring as the greatest moment in WWE Friday Night SmackDown history. The tweet noted that “we were all Taz”, who was doing commentary for the match, while watching that spot. Taz thanked the Twitter account before noting that he was not invited to tonight’s big premiere on FOX, writing, “Thanks! Hey….it’s the same reaction some might have when they realize I wasn’t invited the BIG anniversary show tomorrow night.”

As previously reported, the former ECW Heavyweight Champion recently tried out for the upcoming WWE Backstage studio show on FS1. Taz tweeted: