CM Punk Reportedly Films Test Material For WWE Show Earlier This Week

The rumblings on CM Punk and WWE continue.

We noted earlier today, via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, how WWE has an impression that Punk wants to be back with the company, but right now it's nothing they are counting on to happen. This report comes after it was revealed in the summer how Punk's representative went to FOX to try and push Punk as a co-host of the new "WWE Backstage" studio show on FS1. WWE was not interested in Punk for that role, and it was officially announced this week that the show will be hosted by Renee Young and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

In an update, multiple WWE sources have confirmed to PWInsider that Punk was at FOX Studios earlier this week in Los Angeles to discuss a potential on-air role for the WWE Backstage show on FS1, which premieres on Tuesday, November 5 at 11pm ET.

There's no word yet on what all went down at the meeting, but Punk did do some on-camera testing. Renee was also present for the meeting.

It has not been confirmed that Punk has signed a deal to work on the show. We've noted how FOX brought in several WWE and non-WWE personalities to Los Angeles this summer to try out for the show. Taz and WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman were also brought in several times over the past few months to try out, according to PWInsider, and it was also reported that Paige and Rey Mysterio were considered. There's also no word yet on which personalities will be used along with Renee and Booker.

FOX has experimented with different versions of the show and how it will be presented, ranging from 3-5 personalities hosting a panel discussion. A final decision on the format had not been agreed on as of earlier this week.

As noted, FOX will be taping the series each week, not WWE. Punk would technically be working for FOX and not WWE, if he signs on to be a part of the show.