WWE RAW Superstar Titus O'Neil took to Twitter this afternoon and issued comments on WWE NXT Superstar Jordan Myles and the controversy surrounding his first official t-shirt design, which he said was racist and called out WWE, Triple H and Vince McMahon for. You can read the latest updates on the situation by clicking here.

Titus agreed with the t-shirt being in bad taste, but he had advice for bringing others into it and calling out issues that have nothing to do with WWE or the t-shirt.

Titus wrote, "@GoGoMyles I AM 100% in agreement that the shirt is very Distasteful. That being said, bringing others into this to vent your frustrations or Issues THAT HAVE NOTHING to do with @WWE or the shirt is also very Distasteful. If it's #ForTheCulture Don't attack those in it!! [fist hand sign emoji] [raised fist emoji]"

Stay tuned for updates on the story. You can see Titus' full tweet below: