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Nia Jax Get’s Into It, Again

Ronda Rousey is in the ring confronting Charlotte and Becky Lynch about the Raw Women’s Championship. Nia Jax is in the back and she is mad about how Rousey is acting. She thinks that Rousey thinks the world revolves around her. She also thinks Rousey is being disrespectful to all the female Superstars in the back who have worked extremely hard for the opportunities that Rousey has been given as of late. Jax thinks it’s a big slap in the face. Backstage, Jax confronts Rousey and tells her that she looks like “a real piece of s?t” after doing that promo. Natalya doesn’t understand what is going on with Jax or why she’s been having this mean streak lately.

Rousey is back home in California telling her husband about how fed up she is with what Jax said. Travis Browne tells her to look at the bigger picture and to not stress over it. Browne mentions to her that she should start up her own business. She agrees to go to Las Vegas with him and try out some new sports gear. Before they leave, they have dinner together. She tells him how she is still torn about wanting to start a family and her career.

Naomi Takes Charge and Plans A Girl’s Trip

Naomi is planning a girls trip. She invites Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Charly Caruso, Liv Morgan and several of the cast members to come to Pensacola Beach. She rents a beautiful house that overlooks the beach. While everyone is grilling, Naomi and Jax talk about the incident that occurred between Jax and Rousey. Naomi also says that this is not like Jax to start a fight.

After everyone arrives, the ladies go out drinking. A few men come by their table and buy them all drinks. Naomi isn’t sure if Kay and Royce are having a good time since they don’t drink. When they are in the limo, Jax brings up the Rousey argument again. Naomi says that her talking about it is killing the mood and she wants all of them to have a good time and not focus on the drama.

The next morning, Kay and Royce inform Naomi that this girl’s trip is overwhelming them. They both want to leave and head back to Orlando. Naomi feels bad.

From the night before, Morgan invites several guys to come over to their beach house to hang out. The very next day, some of the guys from the bar that Morgan invited over show up. Jax is mad that she did that, since she didn’t pay for the house. After Morgan accidentally breaks a vase, Naomi tells everyone to leave. Naomi tells Jax that she is over this vacation. Jax reassures her that they’re there to have a good time. Naomi snaps out of it and they all go back to enjoying themselves.

Carmella and Corey Graves Go Out For The First Time As A Couple

Carmella is spending time with Corey Graves in his new apartment. She insists that they order breakfast because she is still not ready to go out and be seen as a couple. Graves doesn’t understand why she is still stressing out over it.

Graves tells Carmella to get ready because he is taking her out. He takes her to a chocolate shop. After taking her to the shop, he has another place he wants to take her. When they are walking to the car, a woman in the parking lot is taking pictures of Carmella and Graves. She yells out “homewrecker.” Carmella is very upset. Graves tells her that everything is going to be fine. He takes her to a dance studio. A local reporter is in the studio and asks if she could take a picture of Carmella and Graves. They both decline the request. The head person of the studio asks for the reporter to leave. A dance instructor comes in and gives them a dance lesson. Carmella still can’t shake off all the stuff that’s happened.

Graves surprises Carmella with a private dinner. She apologizes for being so caught up in all the drama. He accepts her apology and they enjoy their dinner.

Jax Apologizes To Rousey

At the end of the episode, Jax and Rousey bury the hatchet. Jax apologizes for how she acted earlier. Rousey accepts her apology and understands that she is frustrated with not having a storyline as big as hers. Rousey tells her if she ever needs someone to vent to, she’s there to listen/help.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!