Being an EVP for the WWE certainly has its perks as Triple H can attest. He gets to use WWE's private plane to travel between shows and also back to WWE headquarters in Connecticut.

However, Triple H stressed that use of the plane is strictly for work and he's always working while on it when he joined Sam Roberts' wrestling podcast.

"It is realistically the only way that we can do, from a television production standpoint, it's the only way we can do what we do and get to the places that we need to go to," said Triple H. "So, when I was a talent I never flew on that plane or anything else. From a company standpoint, from the Executives, or Vince McMahon's standpoint, in order to get to and get back to wherever that's not, people talk about how nice it is and that we get to eat sushi or whatever, yeah, while you're working. It is an office in the air. If anyone has met Vince McMahon he doesn't stop, he's 24/7 so it's an office in the air."

While he still competes in the ring from time to time, Triple H is no longer a peer to the WWE locker room as he is their boss. He talked about the responsibilities that come with his position even if he doesn't view himself as the boss.

"I don't necessarily try to look at anyone as their boss, I try to look at myself in the role of - this is a business that everyone has to work together to get common stuff done. That is how I see it, so it is a giant team," said Triple H. "At some point in time, someone has to make the final decision on some things, so you debate a lot about a lot of things you talk about a lot of things and somebody has to make the decision; whether popular or unpopular you have to make the final decision and it has to be solid and you have to stick to it.

"The truth is: nobody understands that role until they have that role. You can think when you are in the No. 2 spot where you think, it's so obvious, I would do this. But when the pressure is on you to make that decision and have it be yours and you live and die by it or whatever that's a different dynamic as soon as it becomes your responsibility and then to not second guess and do all of those things. Just the difference of even one show where you are in the position of going along with things or presenting your ideas and thinking how something is dumb and it should be done this way, but then it becomes your decision to make it's a different ballgame."

Within his role there are naturally lots of disagreements that take place in regards to staff under him and talent as well. He discussed being able to justify your position or your line of thinking when making a decision.

"I think as long as you have a logical and reasonable explanation, somebody may totally disagree with you. But as long as I feel as I can defend my position of here is what I am telling you and here is why I am telling you and this is why I feel it should have happened or the reason is, as long as you have that logical reasoning behind you and somebody might say that they disagree with the outcome, but okay, here is how I got there. It's not like I made something up and I just don't like you so I am going to do this. There is a logical reason for it and as long as you are there you have to make your decision and stick with it," stated Triple H.

"Our business is very professional. You see the craziness that you see on camera and on the screen and everything, but behind the scenes, obviously, there is a lot of emotion in anything that you do, passion of what we do and everything. But for the most part everyone is professional and you are just having discussions about things and sometimes you have to tell people something they don't like, other times you tell them news that they love so it just depends on the day, but everyone is reasonable."

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.