Triple H Talks NXT's Creative Team, Says There Won't Be Changes With Move To USA

NXT has been Triple H's baby for the last few years as the brand was founded by him and he is also a senior producer. He talked about the creative process of WWE's developmental brand when he took part in a Monday conference call.


"From a creative side, [the process] doesn't change [with the move to USA]. We've had a team that I've liked for a long time that is central to doing this," said Triple H. "They've been our team for a long time and they oversee NXT and also have some oversight on the UK. That's been core and part of that core is having guys like [Road Dogg] and Shawn Michaels down there. I can't say enough of us being able to work together with the writing team and with William Regal, Matt Bloom and Sara Amato."

He then added that what will change is that there will be a lot more integration and things that happen in NXT will now have some input from USA and sponsors. But the continuity will remain and they won't change what's already working.


With NXT now on USA Network, that seems to open up the possibility of main roster talents appearing on the show more often. Hunter was asked specifically about main roster talent heading to NXT.

"I don't like using that [phrase] 'main roster talent,' but if you're a talent on Raw or SmackDown, you now see NXT as a viable opportunity. There's not a week goes by where I don't here from a Raw or SmackDown talent offering their services for NXT," revealed Hunter.

"When something special like NXT is going on, people are excited to be a part of that. When they then have the opportunity to see that ship from the Network to the USA Network, that's a game changer perception-wise. Now, everybody is interested. If you're not in the mix on something on Raw or SmackDown, you're thinking, 'Oh, I wonder if I can do something there.'"

He then mentioned Kevin Owens as one of the most talented people in the industry and if there is a chance for him to go to NXT he should jump at it, if he is really fired.

Killian Dain is someone who was in NXT and then was called up to the main roster, but in recent months he's gone back down to NXT. Triple H was asked about his potential and why talent should never pass up an opportunity.


"I think he is a phenomenal talent that is a sponge for growth and wants to get better all the time," said Triple H. "There's always gonna be ebbs and flows; things that work and things that don't. The beautiful thing that we're creating opportunity where you're doing something here and then you get an opportunity to do something else. If it works, phenomenal. If it doesn't work, okay, there's other opportunities here and there will be all over the globe."

He added that over time you will see opportunities for talent to excel in several brands whether it be in NXT or the UK. That allows the talent to expand their characters and evolve, similarly to how wrestlers did in territories 30 years ago.

NXT makes it's debut on USA this Wednesday at 8/7 pm CST.