Tyson Fury has his pro wrestling debut set for WWE Crown Jewel, but the question after that will be what’s next. Fury discussed his future plans with WWE and who his dream opponent in the ring would be when he was interviewed by SportsKeeda.

“No plans as of yet to do another fight [in WWE] as of yet, just go back to my day job. But after that, who knows? You might see another appearance after this one,” teased Fury. “If I was to continue, I would want to fight Brock Lesnar.”

WWE has welcomed Fury with open arms and he talked about the warm reception he received from the WWE higher ups and the locker room.

“They’ve all been very welcoming – from Vince, to Triple H, to all the guys and girls. It’s a huge family community. Everyone there does more than enough to make you happy and make sure everything’s perfect. It’s the most professional company I think I’ve worked with for a long time,” said Fury.

As the lineal heavyweight boxing champion, Fury has been able to train in some of the best boxing facilities in the world. But he admitted that the WWE Performance Center was something totally different and in some ways exceeded the boxing training centers he had been in.

“Unbelievable facility. One of the best facilities in the world for training. I just wish there were more facilities like that in boxing – to make young fighters become great professionals,” stated Fury.

“I think you need more training facilities like that. I know they have one for Great Britian in Sheffield, they have that. But not many for professional sports. If there is even one at all. I don’t think so.”