WINCLY: AEW's Ratings Win, Smackdown's FOX Debut, WWE HIAC Backlash, CM Punk (Feat. Ricky Steamboat)

Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman is back to host the latest episode of the WINCLY, which you can check it out in the player above. Our WINCLY podcast is released Tuesday-Thursday afternoon.

Today's WINCLY episode includes:

Wrestling Inc's Michael Wiseman joining Nick to break down the news of the past five days, including:

* WWE's statement on AEW's Dynamite launch

* AEW Dynamite beating WWE NXT in the ratings

* NXT updates

* AEW reportedly getting a second show on TBS

* Smackdown's FOX debut

* Cain Velasquez's WWE debut

* WWE fans rejecting the end of Hell In A Cell

* Lana – Lashley – Rusev

Nick's interview with WWE Hall of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Featuring Steamboat discussing:

* His memories of working Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

* Working with Randy Savage at WrestleMania 3

* Andre The Giant's spirit ahead of WrestleMania 3

* Which 80s heel he wished he'd have feuded with

* How he spit his fireballs

* The craziest thing he was ever asked to do

* AEW's launch

* His 2009 feud with Chris Jericho

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat will be at the Hamilton Comic-Con on October 19th and 20th. Other Superstars scheduled to be in appearance include Mick Foley, Ted DiBiase, Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake, the Godfather and Terri Runnels. For tickets and info please visit

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