Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s recap of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight’s episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California and it’s air every Saturday on AXS TV at 8 PM EST. Be sure to chime in on your thoughts about tonight’s show in the comments section below. Additionally, share our live coverage through social media. Below is what’s on tonight’s agenda.

The show starts off showcasing how Tessa Blanchard won the WOW World Championship, as well as what happened between The Beast and Jungle Grrrl in last week’s main event. After the match, The Beast goes looking for Blanchard and makes her sign a contract stating that she gets a chance at the WOW Championship. But we did not get to see if Blanchard signed it or not.

David McLane is sitting in his office and Blanchard storms into his office saying that she does not want to fight The Beast. He says that Blanchard can’t keep choosing her opponents. Reyna Reyes makes her way into the office and asks why she was asked to be there. Now, the beginning credits roll in.

McLane welcomes us to another edition to WOW! Jungle Grrrl stands in the ring and grabs a microphone. She says that it seems to her that no one can beat her one-on-one. She tells The Beast if she wants to bring Blanchard with her down to the ring, then do so, and vice versa. She then begs for some competition tonight.

The first match begins!

Jungle Grrrl vs. Sassy Massy

The crowd chants loudly “Sassy.” Jungle Grrrl trips Massy face first. Now, she takes her by the hair and swings her across the ring. Massy gets up and goes for a back smash and a crossbody. Goes for the cover and Jungle Grrrl kicks out at 1. Jungle Grrrl with a German Suplex on Massy. Massy in the corner now, Jungle Grrrl throws down a few forearms and kicks. Massy is starting to look dazed. Massy gets Irish Whipped across to the other corner. Jungle Grrrl with a Samoan drop. She looks at the camera and asks “Do you like that?” Massy fights back with a kick and a back elbow. Massy then follows it up with a wheel barrel bulldog. Goes for the cover and Jungle Grrrl kicks out. Jungle Grrrl follows through with a powerslam and then goes for two jungle splashes. Several referees come out to stop the match, after all the damage Jungle Grrrl has caused.

Winner: No Contest

Up next, Stephy Slays gets her revenge on Abilene Maverick!

A video package is shown of the rocky relationship Slays and Maverick have had and how it has led up to this fight tonight.

Maverick grabs hold of a microphone and announces that she injured her neck in a “freak accident.” She says that she cannot compete tonight, but she does have someone that can take her place. Out comes the Disciplinarian.

The Disciplinarian (w/ Samantha Smart) vs. Stephy Slays

The Disciplinarian wastes no time and takes the lead on attacking Slays. She chokes her, hits her, and puts her in several holds. Slays comes back with a clothesline, goes for the cover, and Disciplinarian kicks out. Disciplinarian lifts Slays while choking her and slams her down on the mat. Disciplinarian puts Slays in a submission hold. Slays rolls over to the ropes to break the hold. Slays gets up and lands several forearms and a monkey flip. Slays then goes for a sunset flip, goes for the cover, and Disciplinarian kicks out. Slays with a victory roll goes for the cover again and Disciplinarian kicks out. Disciplinarian with the fireman’s carry, then transforms into a TKO. Goes for the cover and wins the match.

Winner: The Disciplinarian

Post-Match: Samantha Smart asks the fans if they were entertained with how the Disciplinarian took out Slays. The fans boo.

After the break, another qualifying tag team series match starts!

The Monsters of Madness (Havok and Hazard) vs. The Dixie Darlings

Havok and Hazard waste little time and go for the attack right before the bell rings. Hazard tags in Havok. Jolene gets tagged in. Havok has her up and throws her towards the turnbuckle. Hazard gets tagged in. She goes for a snap suplex on Jolene. Goes for the cover and Jolene kicks out. Hazard slams Jolene into the turnbuckle and tags in Havok. Havok pulls up Jolene and puts a foot choke on her. Havok tags in Hazard. Hazard goes for two chest chops. Havok takes the tag rope on the side of the ring and chokes Jolene with it when the referee isn’t looking. He then sees it and tells her to knock it off. Jolynn gets knocked out by Havok on the outside. In the ring, Hazard drops Jolene. Goes for the cover and picks up the win.

Winners: The Monsters of Madness (Havok and Hazard)

They have now advanced to the next round of the tag team series!

After the commercial break, Tessa Blanchard will be putting her WOW World title up on the line!

Back from the break, the main event is underway!

Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Reyna Reyes for the WOW World Championship

Bell rings, and Reyes goes for wrist lock up. Blanchard gets out of it. Reyes with a hurricanrana. Reyes then goes to the top rope and Blanchard knocks her off. On the outside now, Blanchard continues the fight. Blanchard sends Reyes back in the ring. Blanchard goes for two lower back kicks, followed by a superkick. She goes for the cover and Reyes kicks out. Reyes gets back up and plants a spinning wheel kick. Both ladies get up and exchange back and forth forearms. Reyes kicks Blanchard and then lands another hurricanrana. On the top rope now, Reyes jumps off and lands a sky twister on Blanchard from the outside. Reyes goes for the cover and Blanchard puts her hands up on the ropes. Blanchard with a codebreaker, goes for the cover, Reyes kicks out. Blanchard up on the top rope now, Reyes climbs up and plants a Spanish Fly. Goes for the cover on Blanchard and she kicks out. Blanchard gets up and goes for the Diamond DDT. She goes for the cover and retains the championship!

Winner and Still WOW World Champion: Tessa Blanchard

Post-Match: Jungle Grrrl comes down to the ring and starts attacking Blanchard. She lands a jungle splash on her. Several referees come out to help Blanchard. She pushes them away. Jungle Grrrl runs down to the locker room and The Beast greets her. They both start brawling, and the show comes to an end.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!