20-Man Battle Royal: WWE 24/7 Champion Sunil Singh, Mojo Rawley, Erick Rowan, R-Truth, Sin Cara, The Brian Kendrick, Titus O’Neil, Tony Nese, Akira Tozawa, Shelton Benjamin, Apollo Crews, Buddy Murphy, Andrade, Drake Maverick, Eric Young, Luke Harper, Cedric Alexander, Heath Slater, Humberto Carrillo, No Way Jose

We go to the ring as Greg Hamilton does the introductions. The winner of this match will face WWE United States Champion AJ Styles for the title later on. Michael Cole and Corey Graves are at ringside. Various Superstars start entering the ring. R-Truth, Buddy Murphy, Erick Rowan and Andrade get their own entrances as we see fans filing into the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The bell rings and they all go at it.

Titus works on Truth. Cara works on Andrade. Slater works on Mojo. Carrillo and Murphy go at it now. Slater tries to dump Drake now. Titus works on Jose now. Mojo works on Nese. Rowan presses Drake high and tosses him over the top. Drake has been eliminated. EY and others try to dump Rowan but he hangs on and fights back. Rowan eliminates Slater. Nese tries to dump Rowan as we see AJ watching backstage. Rowan eliminates Nese. Titus and Buddy work on Carrillo now.

Cara works on Singh in the corner. Harper eliminates EY and Kendrick. Harper tries to dump Tozawa now. Titus eliminates Rawley. Andrade eliminates Cara. Crews eliminates Titus. We go to a break.

Rowan and Harper face off in the middle of the ring now and have words. Jose gets in between and tries to get them to dance instead of fight. Harper clotheslines him. Rowan eliminates Jose. Harper and Rowan argue again now. Tozawa taps Rowan on the back and wants to fight. They stare Tozawa down. Rowan eliminates Tozawa. We see AJ backstage watching again. Rowan stops on Singh as Samir Singh watches from ringside. Shelton works on Carrillo. Carrillo eliminates Shelton. Harper eliminates Crews.

Rowan eliminates Murphy. Truth and Andrade also get eliminated. Rowan chokeslams Carrillo. Cedric eliminates Singh. It’s down to Harper, Rowan, Cedric and Carrillo now. Fans chant for Harper. Harper and Rowan double team Cedric now. Rowan decks Carrillo. Cedric fights off Rowan but runs into a huge boot. Rowan eliminates Cedric. The Singh Brothers leave with the WWE 24/7 Title at ringside. Truth sees them and takes out one brother, then rolls up Sunil to win the title. Truth is now a 21-time champion. Truth runs away with the title. Other Superstars run down and chase Truth around the ring and to the back. Harper, Rowan and Carrillo are in the ring now.

Harper and Rowan face off again in the middle of the ring. Carrillo dropkicks Harper into Rowan. Harper levels Carrillo with a big boot. Rowan and Harper take turns on Carrillo now with big power moves. Harper tries to dump Carrillo but Rowan comes from behind and dumps Harper. Carrillo takes advantage and dumps Rowan for the pin to win the title shot.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Humberto Carrillo

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