Tyson Fury vs. Braun Strowman

We go to the ring and out first comes Braun Strowman. Tyson Fury is out next as the fireworks go off. Fury gets a really big pyro and fire display before coming out in a traditional Saudi robe. More fireworks go off above the stadium now. Braun doesn’t look happy. Fury enters the ring and reveals his gear as Strowman stares him down. We get formal ring introductions.

They lock up and break. Strowman takes it to the corner and the referee backs him off as he puts hands on Fury. They size each other up again and lock up, going back to the ropes. Fury ducks a right hand and connects. They tangle some more and Fury counters, then goes into a side headlock. Fury sends Braun back with a shoulder but Braun bounces back off the ropes and levels Fury with a huge big boot.

Braun works Fury over while he’s down on the mat now. Strowman clubs Fury down and stomps. Fury gets back up but Braun drops him. Braun unloads in the corner now. Strowman with shoulder thrusts in the corner now. Strowman charges but Fury move and Braun hits the ring post shoulder-first, falling out to the floor. The referee counts. Braun goes to re-enter but Fury kicks him in the face, sending him back to the barrier. Fury follows to the floor and Strowman rams him into the apron. Strowman drops Fury with a right hand at ringside.

Strowman runs around the ring but Fury nails him with a Drive By for a pop. Fury brings it back into the ring. Fury slides out of a running powerslam attempt and hits a drop toe hold. Fury keeps control and drops Strowman again for a 2 count. Strowman rams Fury back into the corner now. More back and forth now. Fury with a big boot out of the corner. Strowman takes advantage of Fury taking his time, then slams him in the middle of the ring. They end up on the floor again and Strowman runs over Fury a second time. Strowman brings it back in the ring but Fury nails him with a big right hand. Fury ends up rocking Strowman with another right hand to knock him back from the apron to the floor. Strowman tries to get back up but he can’t and gets counted out.

Winner by Count Out: Tyson Fury

This is from our live WWE Crown Jewel coverage. You can click here to access the full coverage post.

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