Hell In a Cell for the RAW Women's Title: Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

We go to the Cell and out first comes Sasha Banks. We get a look at the Spanish and German announce teams at ringside. RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch is out next.

We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome as the Cell is lowered around the ring. Banks drops Becky before the match begins. They go to the floor and Banks rams Becky face-first into the steel as it's still being lowered. They go under the Cell and end up on the ramp. Banks with a suplex on the ramp. The Cell is finally lowered now. Banks launched Becky into the barrier. The referee opens the Cell door but Banks tosses Becky into the side of the wall. Banks drops Becky at ringside. Banks enters the Cell and poses for mixed reactions. Becky pulls herself up and kicks the Cell door into Banks' face. Becky finally enters the Cell and unloads on Banks with punches.

Becky brings it back into the ring as the referee chains the Cell door shut. The bell rings. Becky grabs the chain from the referee and wraps it around her fist. Becky returns to the ring and decks Banks in the gut a few times with the chain, then over the back. Becky with an uppercut. Becky kicks Banks and dropkicks her to the floor. Becky works Banks over and rubs her face into the steel. Fans chant for Becky. Becky now chains the Cell door shut while Banks is down.

Banks turns it around on the outside but Becky kicks her. Becky brings a table from under the ring and slides it in. Becky brings a ladder out but Banks stops her and works her over with a steel chair. Becky turns it around on the floor and delivers chair shots of h er own. Becky brings it back into the ring. Banks with a few quick pin attempts. Becky slams Banks' face into a chair that was stood up. Becky with more face slams into the seat of the chair. Banks fights off a Disarm Her and kicks Becky in the face for a 2 count. More back and forth now. Becky sends Banks to the floor and dropkicks her back into the steel a few times, and a third. Fans pop for Lynch.

Becky brings it back in but Banks kicks her in the face. Banks with double knees off the apron, into the ladder standing up against the Cell wall. Banks sends the ladder into Becky's face again. Banks brings it back in for a close 2 count. Banks takes it back out and used the Cell door to hurt Becky's arm. Banks keeps control and brings it back in for another pin attempt. Banks slams the chair over Becky's arm. Banks focuses on the arm and unloads while Becky is sitting in the chair. Banks comes off the top with double knees while Becky is in the chair. Becky still kicks out at 2. Banks sticks a chair into the side of the Cell by the legs now. She brings another chair in but Becky rolls her for a 2 count. Lynch kicks a chair into Banks. Banks fights back from the apron. Becky kicks Banks off the apron into the side of the Cell.

They bring it back in and Becky sends Banks into the ring post and the floor. Becky follows and launches Banks into the Cell wall with a Bexploder. Becky brings it back in and they trade shots. Banks with a drop toe hold into a steel chair, and a bulldog into a chair. Becky covers for a close 2 count. More back and forth now. Becky ends up on the top but Banks kicks her. Becky ends up hitting a missile dropkick while Banks is holding the chair. Banks still kicks out at 2.

Banks unloads with kendo stick shots on the floor. Banks bridges two kendo sticks from one end of the Cell wall to the other. Banks slams Becky's face into a ladder. Becky blocks a shot into the kendo sticks and sends Banks into them face-first. Becky puts a chair on top of the kendo sticks in the corner of the Cell, and reinforces with a third stick. Banks unloads. Becky sits Banks in the chair that is on top of the three kendo sticks in the corner of the Cell. Becky runs off the apron and delivers a big dropkick to Banks on the chair in the corner. Fans chant "holy s--t!" now as both are down on the outside. Becky recovers and brings Banks back into the ring. Fans chant "this is awesome!" now. Becky goes to the top and hits a big leg drop for a close 2 count.

Becky stands a table up in the ring but Banks hits a Backstabber. Banks takes Becky to the corner and talks trash. Banks takes Becky to the top for a superplex through the table but Becky fights her off. Becky slides down for a powerbomb through the table but Banks stops her. Banks puts Becky through the table with a Meteora but Becky still kicks out at 2. Banks brings a kendo stick in the ring and chokes Becky back with it. Becky makes it to the floor and breaks the hold. She takes the stick and unloads on Banks with it. Becky goes to send Banks into the chair she stuck in the side of the Cell earlier but Banks counters and sends Becky into it. Banks tosses several more steel chairs into the ring. Banks continues to surround Becky with a bunch of steel chairs in the ring while she's down.

Banks comes back in and unloads with chair shots. Banks goes to the second rope and shows off. Becky stops her with a chair shot. Becky climbs up with a super Bexploder from the top onto the bed of chairs. Becky applies the Disarm Her for the submission win to retain.

Winner: Becky Lynch

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