WWE Security Allegedly Made Fans Cover AEW Merchandise Before Being Allowed Into Monday's RAW

WWE security allegedly threatened to remove fans from Monday's RAW at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio if they were seen wearing AEW merchandise on the hard-camera side or trying to get AEW seen on TV, according to John Clark of WrestleZone, who was in attendance for the show.

Fans near the entrance ramp and at ringside were reportedly told that they would be "thrown out of the arena" if they put on an AEW t-shirt or held up an AEW-related sign.

Reader Rob Johnston sent word to us that he was allowed in with AEW merchandise on, but he had to cover up with a sweater that belonged to his friend.

"They did let me in but [I] had to put my buddy's sweater on," Rob wrote.

We noted back in January how some fans attended the big AEW Double Or Nothing launch rally in Jacksonville, FL, just hours before the WWE SmackDown tapings nearby in the same city. Some fans noted on social media that they were not allowed into the arena until they covered up their AEW t-shirts, and one fan said he wasn't allowed to buy a ticket as long as he was representing AEW. Another fan claimed he was "kicked out" for sporting an AEW towel. There was later video proof of security allowing AEW fans into the arena and word got around that WWE had changed their mind, perhaps due to word spreading on social media, but some were told to turn their AEW t-shirts inside out, or cover up with another shirt. You can read a report on those issues at this link.

Regarding last night's RAW, Clark reported that WWE security had a "stern message" for any fan that tried to give AEW a plug on WWE TV.

We're looking for more details on security warning AEW fans at last night's RAW in Cleveland. If you attended the show and had a similar experience, please e-mail me.

Stay tuned for updates.