Acey Romero is one of the newest faces to Impact Wrestling but he went viral beforehand with his "pounce" wrestling move. He talked more about going viral with the move during an Impact media call.

"It's a crazy, crazy thing. I would never think in my career that I would go viral," Romero told Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman. "You can have an awesome match and people could talk about in the wrestling world, but when you do something that everybody is talking about it, every major news outlet, it's pretty overwhelming. It's one of those things that happened and I consider myself lucky because it definitely helped out my career."

Romero signed his Impact contract on the spot at All Glory and Nick asked him if he even reviewed the contract before signing on the dotted line.

"Scott [D'Amore] told me to trust him so I trusted him and I signed my life away [laughs]," Romero said before talking more about his pounce video and how celebrities like Jamie Foxx even posted it on social media.

"It was crazy how celebrities were posting my gif of the pounce. It's mind-blowing that I've never met these people but they know I exist. That's pretty cool."

Romero has an upcoming match with Joey Ryan and he talked about Ryan's somewhat controversial gimmick that's centered on his penis.

"My first thought is to stay away from the gimmick. I'm trying not to touch it," Romero said of Ryan's penis. "I love what Joey does. It's not what he does, it's the reaction he's getting. If it's going to get a good reaction and the fans love it, I think whatever's happening and getting a reaction, that's the way to go.

"So, no controversy on my end. I love anything that gets people talking and the fans enjoy."

Impact Wrestling has embraced intergender wrestling and Romero gave his thoughts on it.

"I think intergender wrestling is cool. I think it's its own artform. There are a lot of very talented and strong females in pro wrestling and they're getting their chance to go head-to-head with men and put on a great show," stated Romero. "As far as Knockouts, I think myself and Jessica Havoc could tear it down and do something crazy if the opportunity ever came up.

Jordynne Grace is another one. Tessa is another one.

Romero was then asked if he thought Grace could slam him.

"I don't know," replied Romero. "I'm pretty curvy as they say."

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