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Best Friends (w/Orange Cassidy) vs. Private Party

Riho & Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Big Swole & Kris Statlander

The Young Bucks vs. Strong Hearts (El Lindaman & T-Hawk)

Also on tonight's show, "From Undesirable to Undeniable" w/ Justin Roberts

Lastly, Dustin Rhodes joins on commentary!

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Tony Schiavone and Dasha Fuentes welcome fans to another edition of AEW Dark! The first match is announced!

Best Friends (w/Orange Cassidy) vs. Private Party

Marq Quen and Trent begin the match. Trent goes for the Northern Lights pin, Quen kicks out at 2. Trent tags in Chuck Taylor. Taylor sends Quen to the opposite side of the ring. He lands a step-up hurricanrana. Quen goes over and tags in Isiah Kassidy. Taylor tags in Trent. Trent lands a strong chest chop on Kassidy. Private Party work together with a Manhattan Drop. After taking out both Taylor and Trent, Orange Cassidy climbs up to the apron and gives everyone a thumbs up. The crowd breaks out in laughter. Best Friends work together and put Kassidy in a vertical suplex. Kassidy and Best Friends are both in the ring now. Kassidy fights his way free with several forearm exchanges. Taylor bites Kassidy's foot. Trent climbs up to the middle rope to meet Kassidy. Taylor helps Trent with a doomsday superplex on Kassidy. Kassidy flies down on the mat. Kassidy takes out Taylor with a hurricanrana. He breaks out of Trent's hold and tags in Quen.

Quen starts off with a dropkick on Trent and then flies over the top rope to take out Taylor. Quen gets back in the ring and plants a crossbody on Trent. He goes for the cover and Trent kicks out at 2. Kassidy off the top rope lands a senton on Trent. Trent spears Kassidy on the outside. Taylor with a powerslam on Quen. Back in the ring now, Taylor tags in Trent. Trent with a Sexy Chuckie Knee on Kassidy. Taylor is tagged in and goes for an elbow strike. Kassidy fires back with a swinging DDT on Taylor. Quen climbs up to the top rope and Cassidy from the outside looks up at Quen, motioning not to do it. Quen jumps off the top rope anyway and lands on Trent from the outside. All four men are now back in the ring. Best Friends hug it out in the middle of the ring. Best Friends then proceed with the Strong Zero on Kassidy. They go for the cover...1-2-3, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends

Up next, a women's tag team match!

Riho & Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Big Swole & Kris Statlander

Swole and Riho start things off. They begin with a lockup. Swole pushes Riho to the corner. Swole backs up, cleanly. Riho puts Swole in a side headlock. Swole breaks out of it and uses her strength to take Riho down. Both women are up on their feet and tag in their partners. Baker goes for the crucifix. Statlander kicks out at 2. Statlander slaps Baker and then lands a dropkick. Statlander holds Baker in a side headlock and tags in Swole. Baker with a sling blade on Swole. She then sends Swole into the ropes which follows with a clothesline. Baker goes for the cover and Swole kicks out. Baker with a hanging neckbreaker, goes for the cover again, and Swole kicks out. Baker sends Swole into the corner and lands a high knee kick. Both women crawl over to their corners. Riho is tagged in. Swole lays down three forearm strikes. Riho counters. Swole tags in Statlander. Statlander plants a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. She covers Riho and she kicks out. Riho crawls over and tags in Baker. Statlander tags in Swole. Swole lands a strong headbutt. Baker with a DDT on Swole. She goes for the cover on Swole and Statlander comes into the ring to break the cover. Statlander with a roundhouse kick on Baker. Riho climbs to the top and lands a double foot stomp on Statlander. Baker goes for the cover. Statlander kicks out at 2. Statlander and Baker goe round-and-round until Statlander goes for the cover on Baker. Baker kicks out right away. Baker with a kick to the midsection and a hanging neckbreaker follows. She goes for the cover on Statlander and Swole comes in to break up the cover. Baker superkicks Swole and sends her to the outside. Baker puts Statlander in the lockjaw submission. Statlander taps out. Baker wins the match for her team!

Winners: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. & Riho

After the second match, Cody's segment "Undesirable to Undeniable" is shown. His guest this week is Justin Roberts. Roberts says that he felt undesirable when he was let go from his previous announcing job in 2014. He says during his time away from wrestling, he spent a lot of time doing voiceovers. He says he now feels undeniable, because he can showcase his announcing skills once again.

Last week's Dynamite Recap: A video clip of MJF's speech on why he turned on Cody is shown. Additionally, they show Santana and Ortiz taking out The Young Bucks. Lastly, they show a video recap of SCU vs. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara.

And now, the main event!

The Young Bucks vs. Strong Hearts (El Lindaman & T-Hawk)

Nick Jackson and T-Hawk begin the match. Nick puts T-Hawk in a side headlock. The hold is broken. Nick attempts to go for a shoulder tackle on T-Hawk. He doesn't move an inch. Nick throws T-Hawk down on the mat. Matt Jackson is tagged in. He takes Lindaman off the apron. Lindaman sends Matt and Nick into one another. Nick fights back with an elbow on T-Hawk and another one on Lindaman. Lindaman flies out of the ring and lands on Matt. T-Hawk tries to put Nick in a submission, but Nick climbs over to the bottom rope. Matt catches both T-Hawk and Lindaman with a suplex. T-Hawk and Lindaman work together with a double chest chop. Nick on the apron goes up and over with a facebuster on Lindaman. Matt lands the Meltzer Driver on Lindaman. He goes for the cover and gets the win for him and his brother!

Winners: The Young Bucks

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!

Sneak Peek for Next Week's Episode: It was announced on Twitter (Tuesday evening) that Kenny Omega will be defending the AAA Mega Campeonato Title against Jack Evans on next week's episode of AEW Dark!