A hot topic regarding AEW’s product has been their inconsistent officiating since the launch of Dynamite. Former WWE ref Jimmy Korderas even said that fans would be outraged if the same type of officiating in AEW took place on a bigger stage in WWE.

Bryce Remsberg is one of the AEW refs and Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman caught up with him at Starrcast where he asked about AEW’s officiating.

“I say we’re trying our hardest,” stated Remsberg. “There have been measures taken to ensure that it gets a little better. We’ve had conversations as a group with our bosses and esteemed veterans and they’re trying to help us. We’re all in this together.

“It’s been addressed and it’s going to get better. I promise.”

One of the biggest issues surrounding AEW’s officiating is the lack of enforcement of common pro wrestling rules such as the 10 count when guys are outside of the ring. Remsberg acknowledged that this is an issue and noted that fans should see an improvement going forward.

“The tags are an issue. It hasn’t maybe been said enough that they get a 10 count. Tag team wrestling is kinda the bread and butter of AEW so I think during tag matches some guys stay out a little too long maybe,” said Remsberg.

“It doesn’t seem like we’re trying our hardest. I promise we’re trying our hardest. It’s only gonna get better.”