Ring Of Honor’s Angelina Love recently appeared on Afterbuzz TV to discuss how she’s established herself as a top female contender in every promotion she’s been a part of.

Angelina took some time to mention the ongoing criticisms that ROH management has received regarding the treatment of female talent, including not renewing Kelly Klein’s contract. She says that she’s unsure of all of the details, and that she wishes that the drama was kept away from their place of work.

“I’m having a blast in ROH. I know apparently things went down,” Angelina said. “And I was on a very relaxing and fun vacation with my son in Florida when all of that stuff went down, so I’m actually not privy to how it started, who did what, the background. I was just like, lying on the beach with my son enjoying life; I cannot deal with the drama right now. But I don’t even – you know what? Even when there is wrestling drama and there is stuff that happens, that goes on, I don’t even want to know.

“Everybody’s got drama in their personal life and going to work is almost like, you know, an escape from everyday life, and real life stress, and drama,” Angelina continued. “So, like I said, I was just having a great time with my son and I don’t know the details. I don’t know the background, I don’t know who started what, or why who said? Mandy, Velvet and I we’re doing our thing and we’re having fun.”

Angelina is now looking ahead to the new year, hoping to add more ROH title reigns to her already impressive list of accolades. She is proud of her ongoing work with fellow teammate, Velvet Sky, and the unique presence they bring to ROH shows.

“[I’m focused on] winning the Women of Honor Championship back and being a 2-time Women of Honor Champion, 8-time World Champion, and just bringing the Allure to heightened new levels like we can always do. Especially me and Velvet in a group, you know, we’ve been doing that for over a decade? So, it’s cool to bring something different to Ring of Honor that they didn’t have before.”

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