Many people don’t realize that Bobby Lashley is still signed with Bellator MMA despite also being under contract with WWE. Lashley is 15-2 in his MMA career with his last fight coming in October 2016.

He’s made the transition from pro wrestling to MMA then back to pro wrestling seamlessly and he talked about which other WWE Superstars could also make it in MMA during an interview with Sportskeeda.

“I wouldn’t say just one person. I mean, hell, I was just talking to somebody yesterday about it because there is, of course, weight classes,” stated Lashley. “I say, the one thing in wrestling is if you’re athletic and you have some kind of martial arts background, it will get you a long ways. I think someone like Shelton Benjamin can definitely do it.

“[Baron] Corbin! I held mitts for him and I was like, ‘Dang, he has hands.’ He could do it. He would need to get his wrestling down but he could do it. I don’t know who else would want to do it. Chad Gable, little Shorty G! He has some Greco experience and Greco experience will take you a long ways.”

Lashley also threw out the name of his former running mate Lio Rush and said he would be “scrappy.” He also mentioned Samoa Joe, Hurricane Helms, Jamie Noble and Tyson Kidd.

“Hell, I don’t know, go down the roster. Cesaro, I think he might be able to do something too. I don’t know if he has a background in athletics but he’s a very athletic person,” said Lashley.

“Drew! [McIntyre] – but he might end up biting somebody’s head off and getting thrown in jail.

“But it is a possibility. Anybody can fight, man.”

With Lashley still under being contract with Bellator and AEW’s Jake Hager also fighting for Bellator, Lashley was asked about the possibility of the two of them facing each other in the octagon.

“Swagger’s out there doing it at heavyweight in Bellator. You never know! I’d be up for fighting anybody,” said Lashley.