After months of intriguing vignettes and popping up in random places, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt finally reached his goal of winning a world title. Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel to win the Univesal Championship for the first time.

The question now becomes, ‘Where does Wyatt go from here’ and Booker T discussed that on his Reality of Wrestling podcast.

“I said it on the kickoff show as we’re getting ready to go into a new era. Bray Wyatt is going to be not only the conqueror of the WWE, going from The Undertaker and then moving onto John Cena, and now The Fiend has arrived,” said Booker.

“Where does The Fiend go? He can’t just keep popping up and cutting the lights on and off. We need to put the rocket on him and send him straight to the moon and let everyone else chase. We need to find someone who can beat The Fiend.”

Booker then made a comparison between The Fiend and his King Booker character and said their reigns wouldn’t have been complete without the championship. King Booker had an infamous feud with Batista and Booker was asked who will be the guy to battle it out with The Fiend.

“Everybody in the locker room is now in a position to put themselves in a place where anything can happen for them. They can get a phone call that says, ‘You’re the guy.’ Humberto Carrillo, he might be the guy. Somebody right now is in prime position to step up and have the fans look at them in a totally different way,” stated Booker who then compared The Fiend to Daniel Bryan with the Yes! Movement. He made that all his own and got the fans behind him 100 percent, and Wyatt has done the same with his Fiend gimmick.

“[Bryan] would have been the guy to actually been a fiend right now just because the fans would believe in him so much. We need somebody that the fans are gonna believe in 100 percent to get behind. There’s not a whole lot of guys I can think of that I could go to right now to put against The Fiend,” admitted Booker. “I might have to bring The Undertaker back to make this thing work. You never know.”

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