Charlotte has been in India the last couple days and during her visit she spoke with News-18 about her thoughts on WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, possibly teaming up with Lynch at WWE TLC, and her relationship with Andrade.

Although they’ve had plenty of matches as adversaries, Charlotte was asked how she felt about Lynch’s rise to the top of WWE.

“I just couldn’t be more proud of her,” Charlotte said. “She deserves everything and more and to see her rise to the top the way she has and be the face of the company, I’m so proud of her.”

Earlier this week, The Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota advertised the first-ever Women’s TLC Tag Team match between Charlotte / Becky Lynch and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors. While not made official by WWE, Charlotte was asked how she felt about possibly teaming up with Lynch.

“How do you feel about that?” Charlotte wondered. “You don’t think Becky and I make better enemies? You know, it’s one of those things when it comes to Becky, we will come together to face a common enemy. The enemy, for instance, The Kabuki Warriors. If we have to get along for those 20 minutes, I think we can make that happen.”

The 10-time champion was also asked about her relationship with fellow WWE Superstar, Andrade, and if the two talk about wrestling.

“What do we talk about? Oh, what do we not talk about!” Charlotte exclaimed. “You know, what’s so special is having someone with you that understands what you do. His grandfather was a wrestler, his dad was a wrestler, his uncles are wrestlers. Being in the industry, liking the same things, understanding the pressure, understanding the travel. But the one thing that he has been able to do I felt like when we met, I was kind of going through a rougher time in my career I just ended the rivalry with Becky and I felt like I had lost that confidence in the ring and that’s one thing that he has been able to do is bring out a different level of confidence inside the ring.

“We both try to teach each other things, I mean he knows everything there is to know about wrestling, but little nuances or camera work or you know, just being a star. I mean he is a star in his own right, but we just come from such different backgrounds but at the same time it’s very much similar. So, we’re able to help each other that way.”

Earlier today on social media, Charlotte also gave some thoughts on her trip to India.

“I have fallen in love with India,” Charlotte wrote. “I could feel the strong sense of family, the love for celebration and the people’s generosity. Thank you to everyone who made my visit special; the cuisine, Bollywood dancing and learning to drape my own saree. I will have these memories forever!”

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