AEW World Champion Chris Jericho did a post-Full Gear media scrum after defeating Cody, thanks to his corner man, MJF, throwing in the towel for Rhodes. With the media, Jericho spoke about talk about the comparisons between the Inner Circle and WCW's nWo, AEW Dynamite beating NXT in the ratings for six straight weeks, and revealing a tag title match for this Wednesday's Dynamite.

With the Inner Circle becoming wrestling hottest heel faction, there have been comparisons being made between the Inner Circle and the nWo. Wrestling Inc. asked Jericho how he feels about those comparisons, and the champion felt his group could become even bigger than one of wrestling's most popular factions.

"The nWo was 22 years ago, but the difference is this, the original nWo was comprised of three, legit main event superstars, guys who had main evented WrestleMania," Jericho said. "Inner Circle is based around my genius, my ideas, and already the other four members have become bigger stars than they ever were anywhere else, so that's the difference.

"We're building the Inner Circle right off the bat and week one we had the hottest faction, possibly in the history of the business, and people didn't even know who these guys were. Now they know who they are. Give us another two, three, four months and there's no doubt in my mind we will go down as the great faction in wrestling history."

Jericho was asked about the AEW rankings and if that benefits him, as champion, to know who to potentially plan for next. Jericho ended up commenting more on the tag division rankings, feeling they are so far off. He then announced on this Wednesday's Dynamite it will be him and Sammy Guevara taking on the AEW World Tag Team Champions SCU.

"This Wednesday, on AEW Dynamite, Sammy Guevara and myself will challenge SCU for the AEW Tag Team Championship," Jericho revealed. "And we're going to walk out of there and I'll be 'le doublé champion."

In regards to Dynamite, Jericho commented a bit about beating NXT for six weeks in a row in the ratings. He noted AEW will remain focused on what they want to do and not be a reactionary company. He also joked that he wouldn't be surprised if Roman Reigns or WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan eventually show up on NXT.

"This is not a war that we started, it's not a war that we asked for," Jericho began. "We don't care who you put up against us, you could put the Super Bowl, the World Cup, you could resurrect John [Lennon] and George [Harrison] and do a Beatles reunion, we can't control that. All we can do is have great shows and organic shows.

"Am I surprised that we're winning? Of course not. I knew we would win. Our star power crushes NXT's star power and I knew exactly what would happen, NXTwhat made it cool was a standalone thing, now it's just another WWE show. It's like 2009 ECW. Good for them, God bless them. I'm sure Roman Reigns will be on NXT now and Hulk Hogan will return to a TV studio for the first time since 1981 in Memphis. That's fine, all we're going to do is worry about ourselves, concentrate on our storylines, our matches, our characters, and building stars."

You can check out Jericho full comments in the video above.

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