– The WWE on FOX YouTube channel posted this behind-the-scenes look from CM Punk’s debut on WWE Backstage earlier this week. The video features comments from Punk, Renee Young, Paige, Samoa Joe, and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Punk and Renee joked about no longer having to lie to people about his role on the show. Paige also confirmed that she and Booker were not told ahead of time.

– Jordan Myles has deleted his @GoGoMyles Twitter account. As noted at this link, Myles posted an expletive-filled rant on Wednesday and claimed he quit WWE because he does want to work for racists. Myles said he no longer wants to be called by that name, which he called a “slave name” as he wants to be called “Super” ACH once again. There’s no word yet on if WWE will be granting Myles’ release, but stay tuned for updates.

– As noted, Aliyah was busted open after taking a kick to the face from Xia Li during their match on last night’s WWE NXT episode, which Li win. Aliyah confirmed to a fan on Twitter that she did break her nose, as seen below. Also below is the post-show photo that she posted, for those who missed it: