As noted earlier this week on Tuesday, the folks at Eric Bischoff's post-show for his 83 Weeks podcast sent us some quotes from the latest episode of "After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson," featuring Eric talking about his recent SmackDown Executive Director job with WWE, and other topics.

One of the highlights sent us had to do with Bischoff recalling how he almost got to meet AEW President & CEO Tony Khan at Tony Schiavone's recent birthday roast. Bischoff talked about how he never got to meet Khan because former WCW announcer Mark Madden ended up roasting Khan until Khan stormed out of the event. Madden reportedly called Khan a "money mark" and knocked him for having so many AEW Executive Vice Presidents in Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

"Right at the very beginning of this thing, everybody's seated," Bischoff recalled, according to the highlights sent to us by the show. "Mark Madden opens up and he goes, 'Hey, look over there! Tony Khan the money mark! How many executive vice presidents do you have in your company anyway?' Evidently Tony took exception to that and got up and left. So I could have, I guess, had an opportunity to meet Tony Khan. But Mark Madden f--ked it up for me…and by me telling this story I probably just f--ked it up for myself, but whatever."

In an update, Conrad Thompson, who works with Bischoff on his podcast, tweeted a response to an article on the podcast quotes and said the original story on Khan isn't true. Conrad said Khan stopped by to celebrate Tony's birthday before his dinner reservations downstairs with several stars and talents from AEW as this was during the recent Starrcast IV weekend. Conrad said there are no hard feelings from Khan.

He wrote, "For the record, this isn't accurate. Khan stopped by to celebrate Schaivone's birthday before his dinner reservation downstairs with MJF, JR, Darby, Kip, Jeff Jones, Janela, Havoc, Excalibur, etc. He left after Hudson's set not Madden's. I can confirm: no hard feelings from Khan"

Conrad continued in another tweet, "No disrespect to my pal @EBischoff as this was the talk of the evening until something more interesting happened downstairs. Of course I razzed @MarkMaddenX about "killing the town" but it was always in jest. No one is safe during a Roast and it was great fun for @tonyschiavone24"

Conrad also defended Khan against any "money mark" claims. One fan wrote, "And to all the people calling him a money mark it takes money to keep the wrestling world going and glad someone this rich stepped up to the plate to try."

The Starrcast founder wrote back, "Was Ted Turner a money mark? It's just an easy term to throw around for those who don't understand what it really means in the first place. The Khan family's business acumen speaks for itself. Google can help fill in the gaps."

One fan asked Conrad if Bischoff lied about what happened. He wrote, "So Bischoff lied? This was a direct quote from your boy."

Conrad wrote back, "Well it's not entirely untrue. Yes, Khan left... to go downstairs and eat dinner. Eric stayed upstairs to finish the event and hang with the live band we had. I went to dinner downstairs with Lois and the rest of the Schiavone family... three tables away from the AEW table."

Another fan asked if Conrad was confirming that a "dirt sheet report" was inaccurate. Conrad responded, "No I'm saying Eric is, but accidentally."

Another fan responded to that tweet from Thompson and wrote, "Conrad is so nice & respectful, I love it"

Conrad responded, "Eric was upstairs. He didn't know TK just went downstairs to eat dinner with the rest of his aew crew"

Khan and Bischoff have not responded to the updated comments or the original quotes as of this writing, but we will keep you updated.

You can see the related tweets from Conrad below: