WWE SmackDown announcer Corey Graves took to Twitter this morning to call out reports in regards to his tweets on Mauro Ranallo from Saturday night.

Graves wrote, "[waving hand emoji] @davemeltzerWON, you uninformed, false narrative pushing liar. My phone works. You're a 'journalist,' right? You can find my number."

As noted earlier, via Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE officials were reportedly not happy with Graves over his tweets about Mauro during Saturday's WWE NXT "Takeover: WarGames 2019" event. Apparently Graves' tweet led to Mauro taking the night off on Sunday and missing the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. Michael Cole noted on Survivor Series commentary that Mauro was not calling the NXT Title match because he blew out his voice at Takeover due to being so excited and passionate. It was also said that Mauro will be back for Wednesday's NXT TV episode.

Meltzer also reported that things were fine between WWE and Mauro, and that Mauro had not quit the company. Mauro, who has been open about his mental health issues, did delete his Twitter account after Graves' comments.

As noted, some fans had been tweeting about how Mauro wasn't letting Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix speak during Takeover. Graves referenced those comments in a tweet.

He wrote, "Just for the record guys, I know you wouldn't know it, but there's actually a WWE Hall of Famer AND a former Ring of Honor Champion on commentary. I'd imagine they have a lot to offer. #NXTTakeoverWarGames"

Another fan commented on the number of Chicago hip-hop references Mauro made during Takeover. Graves responded, "Far, far too many."

Regarding Graves' new tweet calling out Meltzer, there's no word yet on exactly what he is referring to from Meltzer, but Meltzer also noted on Wrestling Observer Radio today that officials were not happy with Graves, and that they did ask him to "take it down." It should be noted that Graves' tweets are still active as of this writing.

"I think they were not happy with Graves, although Graves did do the show tonight," Meltzer said at one point.

Graves may have been referring to how Meltzer claimed he was told to take his tweets down.

Meltzer said at another point in the show, "I don't know what was said to Graves, other than 'take it down'..."

Co-host Bryan Alvarez informed Meltzer that Graves' tweets on Mauro were not deleted.

"Oh, he didn't? Well, that's even worse," Meltzer responded.

Stay tuned for updates on the Mauro - Graves situation. Mauro is expected to be back at work on Wednesday night for the NXT TV episode.

You can see Graves' related tweets below: