Gregory Iron has traveled an interesting road to where he's at right now as he's been a pro wrestler for 13 years despite having cerebral palsy. One of the fellow wrestlers that Iron met during his journey is Johnny Gargano and Iron talked about Gargano being the first guest on his podcast when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"Johnny is my best friend and we're like brothers. I know enough of what he's talked about in interviews and what he hasn't. It's one of those things where I don't wanna give you the same old interview stuff that you hear from a Johnny Gargano interview. I don't wanna talk about NXT or his feud with Tommaso, I wanna talk about his roots in indie wrestling and some of his best road stories. I wanna talk about psychology and that's something I wanna talk about with lots of wrestlers," said Gargano.

Iron was ringside for Gargano's NXT Title win at TakeOver: New York earlier this year and he shared an interesting memory he had from that experience.

"It was surreal and emotional. I've told several people that I feel like in moments like that you either remember it blurred or you see everything in that moment," said Iron. "For me, I saw everything and as Johnny was standing up above me on the chair and holding up the title, and knowing the struggles he's gone through to get to that point, I remember looking up to him and thinking, 'Man, Johnny has a lot of back hair and he really should have shaved that. I'm sure the HD cameras will pick that up and they are growing in long and thick.' That's what I was thinking in that moment but I was definitely proud of him. He worked hard for it and it was an incredible thing."

With Gargano having established himself in NXT for WWE, Iron was asked if he's received any interest from them.

"I did some camps for OVW back when you could pay for those things. I have the perception that because of my size and my situation that unless I put myself out there and pay the money, then I wasn't gonna get that shot. I talked to the higher ups and nothing ever came of it," revealed Iron.

He then mentioned that there were rumors TNA would sign him and that created buzz. A TNA talent even told him on Facebook that he was signed but then the management never contacted him.

"Now, I think the best reason why I should have an opportunity with WWE is because I have cerebral palsy and it's a unique story. The one thing that's stopping me from being in WWE is that I have cerebral palsy," stated Iron. "It's not WWE discriminating but for every 10,000 people that will be inspired by my story there'll be one more asshole that will think, 'Well, how can you beat up a guy with cerebral palsy?' In my mind I'm not a wrestler with cerebral palsy, I'm a pro wrestler that just happens to have cerebral palsy."

Iron knows that a lot of the top, top guys know who he is and says AEW and Impact could both be possibilities.

"WWE has always been a dream but at this point in my life I'm 33 and I've been doing this for 13 years. What I want more than anything is to make a comfortable living and I'm doing that on the indie level…As long as I can do that and tell stories through my physical movement and promos or even a backstage role as an agent, as long as I can contribute then I will be happy," said Iron.

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