Hugo Savinovich spent years as a part of WWE's Spanish announce team and recently joined AEW. He also has announced for AAA and he talked about Cain Velasquez's AAA work when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"I did publicity for four days with him and he reminds me of Rey Mysterio. Heart of gold and not an egotistic person and this is a guy who accomplished so much," said Savinovich. "He would stop and sign autographs and his wife and kids loved to see him with the luchas. He put a lot of work into, not just get the money, but he went in there to represent his people. This guy has the potential of being huge.

"He has the ability to do aerial stuff and mix it with MMA and the lucha style. You have the potential of having one legit warrior who dominates UFC and our business. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy as he is great for the business."

Savinovich added that he hopes WWE does the right thing with him. He is happy with the work AAA did with him and that's how he caught WWE's eye.

"The fans came up to me and said they never expected that much quality from Cain Velasquez. Most do their own style and just one move, but this guy is pure gold," stated Savinovich.

As part of WWE's Spanish announce team, Savinovich saw first-hand the announce table get destroyed by Superstars. He explained why WWE Superstars take such an affinity to that table.

"I think they brought it in as a storyline and the fans loved it," Savinovich said before comparing the Spanish announce table to Kenny from South Park. "We were that and the fans loved it. The wrestlers will do crazy things around our table that weren't even in the storyline.

"We got injured a couple of times – my finger, my nose, The Undertaker landing on me, Mick Foley punching me, Shawn Michaels stole my boot in winter… He hit whoever he went and then threw the boot into the crowd. I had to do a press conference and we leave for the plane and I'm walking with one boot and a sock. It was crazy but I loved it. It made the fans enjoy it."

Savinovich was then asked if we'll see him doing more with AEW going forward.

"I am signed with AAA to do their shows on Twitch," Savinovich said before adding that his contract allows him to do stuff with AEW. "AAA has to approve it just like when Omega and Young Bucks work for AAA…

"I love Cody and really respect Tony Khan. The Bucks and Omega have worked for me and there are passionate people there. With them being here, it just forces everybody to do better."

Hugo's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Hugo discusses his upcoming tribute show in Puerto Rico for Bret Hart, his memories of being ringside for the Montreal Screwjob, breaking the Saudi - WWE travel story, if his opinion has changed on any of the facts, Cain Velasquez's leap to pro wrestling, why wrestlers always target the Spanish announce table and more.

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