WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler, who is currently on the RAW announce team, revealed at the recent GalaxyCon event that he signed a new three-year WWE contract earlier this month, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Lawler also said he didn’t know how long he would be on the RAW announce team, which has been the case since he was put on the team with Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin last month. Lawler reiterated at the convention how his RAW announce team role was not meant to be long-term. The idea was that Lawler would bring a veteran presence to the team since Joseph was fairly new to the bigger stage, and Maddin had never announced before.

The feeling within WWE is that Lawler has done well in helping both Joseph and Maddin, according to the Observer. There’s no word yet on who will eventually take Lawler’s role, or if they still have anyone in mind.

Lawler spoke with us back in August at Starrcast and said he has multiple contracts with WWE, which allow him to do non-company events – an announcing contract, a talent contract, and a Legends contract. He also mentioned being under the same kind of contract for 23 years, which he re-signed for another 2 years back last January.

“[These events] mean a good payday. That’s what everybody’s here [at Starrcast] for,” Lawler said. “It’s a great opportunity, they draw big crowds, a lot of people come to see you, and you make a good payday. The great thing with the WWE, I’m under the same contract that I’ve been under for twenty-three years. I’m still under an announcing contract, a talent contract, and I even have a legends contract, but I’ve been under the same contract for the last twenty-three years and I re-signed last January for another two years.

“So one more great thing about them: I’ve been there for so long, they still let me do independent shows because I don’t wrestle there since the cardiac arrest,” Lawler continued. “I haven’t wrestled for them anymore but I still do – especially with the FOX Sports thing coming up, SmackDown, I’m probably going to be doing some more stuff. The great thing is that I get to go out and do stuff like this and they never ask me [questions]. They know I’m not going to do anything to embarrass the company; I’m always going to be representing and it’s good.”

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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