Jerry "The King" Lawler Talks His Different Contracts With WWE

Legendary WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler, took some time this past weekend to speak with Wrestling Inc.'s own Michael Wiseman about his status with WWE. Although he still has multiple contracts with the company, Lawler is able to attend events like Starrcast and perform at indie shows when he sees fit.


"[These events] mean a good payday. That's what everybody's here [at Starrcast] for," Lawler said. "It's a great opportunity, they draw big crowds, a lot of people come to see you, and you make a good payday. The great thing with the WWE, I'm under the same contract that I've been under for twenty-three years. I'm still under an announcing contract, a talent contract, and I even have a legends contract, but I've been under the same contract for the last twenty-three years and I re-signed last January for another two years.

"So one more great thing about them: I've been there for so long, they still let me do independent shows because I don't wrestle there since the cardiac arrest," Jerry continued. "I haven't wrestled for them anymore but I still do – especially with the FOX Sports thing coming up, SmackDown, I'm probably going to be doing some more stuff. The great thing is that I get to go out and do stuff like this and they never ask me [questions]. They know I'm not going to do anything to embarrass the company; I'm always going to be representing and it's good."


A looming ratings battle between AEW on TNT and WWE NXT on the USA Network is set for Wednesday nights, however, "The King" wanted to tell WWE fans his thoughts on the matter.

"[AEW] is not the enemy," Lawler simply stated.

Lawler was on a recent episode of WWE RAW, but during his appearance, Bray Wyatt's "The Fiend" character had a surprise attack waiting in the shadows. Jerry hopes this moment got fans riled up, and he noted how the fan reactions are what makes the product what it is.

"So I should be asking you what it meant... There's Jerry 'The King' Lawler and he's beloved, and all of a sudden, Bray Wyatt attacks him," Lawler explained. "So that makes you mad at Bray Wyatt, right? Well, that's what it means; that's what it's all about."