Heavy Metal Wrestling has announced that Jordan Myles, as his former ring name of ACH, vs. Chandler Hopkins for their event on Friday night in San Antonio, Texas.

This would indicate that Myles has been granted his release from WWE. As noted last week at this link, Myles released an expletive-filled rant on Twitter and said he quit WWE due to the t-shirt debacle from several weeks ago.

Myles is back on Twitter at @ACHIsSuper and has been using the “#KingIsBack” hashtag to promote his return to the indies.

As seen below, Myles took to Twitter this morning and used the “#KingIsBack” hashtag with a photo that shows him signing a set of documents, which look to be from WWE. These could be his WWE release documents, but that has not been confirmed. Going forward, we will be referring to him as ACH unless he goes back to being billed as Myles.

Myles also tweeted a GIF of himself today and wrote to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. He said, “Hey @VinceMcMahon Can’t hold me down no more. This is FOR THE WRESTLING CULTURE.”

Stay tuned for updates on Myles/ACH’s status. You can see his related tweets from today below: