Earlier this month it was revealed ROH Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein’s ROH contract would not be renewed, as it will expire at the end of December. Along with the assitance of former ROH employee, Joey Mercury, it was revealed Klein was making under $24,000 a year with the promotion in her 2019 Ring of Honor contract.

Klein has since been featured in a story with Newsweek where she spoke about the issues she’s had in ROH, including the company not having a concussion protocol after she sustained head injuries in April of 2018 and in October of this year during the company’s UK tour.

“There was [no doctor] there to check on me,” Klein said in the interview. “Nobody suggested a protocol. I wasn’t aware or briefed on a protocol.

“I imagine part of the thought process behind trying to shut me out of Ring of Honor was that maybe the issues would no longer apply to me. And I’d just drop it. But it’s not ever been about how things could benefit only me. I want my friends and colleagues to have a safe and fair work environment. I’m still going to ask them to do better. Taking away my job there does not change the issues. I want them to be accountable for creating an unsafe environment, and the only way I know how is to have enough eyes on it that the public will have to hold them accountable.”

Klein also said she won’t be wrestling for the rest of the year to heal up.

Earlier this morning, the current Women of Honor Champion noted the official Ring of Honor Twitter account has blocked her. Klein commented, “Still gonna support the amazing talent. [shrug emoji]”

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