Marc Mero On Finding Out Sable Was Cheating On Him With Brock Lesnar

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, former WWE and WCW performer Marc Mero joined WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin via Skype for a wide-ranging conversation. Among other things, Mero talked about his ex-wife Sable's return to WWE in 2003 and how he found out she was cheating on him.


On the subject of Sable's return to WWE in 2003, Mero divulged that his ex-wife contacted WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about coming back to the company without consulting Mero first.

"I'll never forget this," Mero prefaced. "She calls me up and she says, 'hey Marc, what do you think if I go back to wrestling? And, Steve, with God as my witness, I was dumbstruck. I go, 'are you crazy? First of all, they hate you! Vince would never have you back! Are you crazy?' She goes, 'I already talked to him and he said he'll think about it.' Are you kidding me? And that's how it all started. She had to go apologize to some of the big stars of the company at the time and I won't mention names, but she went and did the right thing. She went back, and she apologized, and she got Sable back.


"And now I'm home watching the kid, taking her to school, and doing all the stuff a dad does, and [Sable]'s on the road. And every night we have this thing where we'd say 'goodnight' and my daughter and I would say 'goodnight' to her and stuff. And I remember that the phone calls would start to get less and less. She was tired and she just wasn't around as much. And, Steve, I was thinking, 'something's going on, man. This ain't right.' We were really close too and then our marriage just started tanking. After that Playboy thing, it just started to go downhill."

According to Mero, he started to suspect Sable was having an affair and listened to her voicemails. Eventually, Mero would come to find out that Sable was cheating with eight-time world champion Brock Lesnar.

"I remember thinking, 'something's going on. She [has] got to be seeing someone.' So I remember, she didn't answer the phone one night, so I really cut this promo on her cell phone and I was like, 'how could you do this, not answer your phone? We had an agreement that we talk at night.' And I hung up the phone and I thought, 'what a jackass I am. Why would I do that? She's out there trying to earn a living. She's out there doing something she loves.


"So I think I called back her phone. I knew her password because we were that close. We knew each other's passwords and stuff. So I thought, 'let me delete this before she hears it, right?' So I called back her number and punched in her code. It says, 'you have two unheard messages.' And okay, I have to listen to the first one to get to mine and it was another wrestler talking about them two. And I was like, 'oh my God,' Steve, I'll tell you, we've all been in this position before. My heart was broken. You can't sleep, you can't eat, you're sweating. And I remember thinking, 'when I find out who this guy is, I'm going to kick the living tar out of this man!' And then, I found out it was Brock Lesnar! Steve, this gives forgiveness a whole new meaning! Our marriage was over. We ended up getting divorced, but God bless them! They got married. They have kids." Mero added, "they live a happy life and kudos, man!"

Following Mero's divorce, he found himself really struggling. Apparently, 'The Marvelous One' lost $1.6 million from day trading.  

"I made a huge error in my life, [which] was I not only got into gambling, but I got into day trading," Mero admitted. "Now, I still had a lot of money at that time, but I got into day trading, which is just like gambling! You're in front of that computer all day long buying and selling stocks. Steve, I lost $1.6 million, okay? So now I got back to zero. I remember I was down to my last $200,000. That's all I had left to my name."


Mero, who is now a motivational speaker, says he had a difficult summer, losing five loved ones and getting divorced in a span of two months.  

"Well, Steve, this summer has probably been one of the toughest summers of my life and I don't know if you know this or not, but I was divorced in July. Two weeks later, one of my best friends in the world – in fact, I'd been getting these tats now and he's the guy, one of my best friends doing all these tats – it's funny, I'm 58 years old and decided to get all these tattoos, so midlife crisis, don't know what you want to call it – but anyways, doing that and then, one of my best friends, one of the guys I talk about all the time, 35 years and we've got a picture here called 'friends for life', he just passed away and he's my age. My brother-in-law just passed away at 61, cancer. And then, I lost one of the guys who works for our company, he's a volunteer for our company, his name is Gray Hudson and he passed away at 61 also.

"So in just two months, I lost five of the closest people in my life on top of my divorce, so it [has] been a rough summer, but my therapy is getting right back on that stage and the worst thing you can do is just sit there and mourn. You can only mourn for so long, man, before you've got to go back out there and, being from Texas, you got to get back on that horse, man. And I had to do that. My joy comes from helping others, man. I always say, if you want to be happy, help someone else become happy, man." Mero continued, "if you want to be successful, help someone else become successful."


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