Mega Ran is a critically-acclaimed rapper and huge fan of wrestling and wrestling entrance music. He talked about WWE's current entrance themes when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"I like it a lot. I've been able to meet and hang out with CFO$ a few times on this journey," Mega Ran said of WWE's composer duo. "Those guys are super-talented and I love what they do and I enjoy the music. It's one thing to hear it in a studio, but to hear it in a big stadium, it's like, 'Wow' and it still sounds great. There's an art to that and I respect it so much.

"I'm a big fan of it. Of course, there's some I really love and some I love less. But for the most part, the music is so central to a Superstar becoming what they're gonna be and they've done a great job with it."

Mega Ran then talked about which WWE themes he likes the best.

"Shinsuke Nakamura's is amazing. I really like that. The classic themes really get me going like Goldberg and Ric Flair. Those are my absolute favorite," stated Mega Ran. "I also love The Fiend, the Bray Wyatt track and the way they remixed that. I love when there's remixes like the new Sasha Banks with Snoop. Hearing really cool remixes that invoke the old theme but also bring something new, which is what I try to do with my music, is keep something old but also make it new."

Mega Ran has a close friendship with The New Day and he was asked if they should remix their entrance music.

"I like it a lot. We had an opportunity for Kofi's entrance at WrestleMania to create a new song. Unfortunately, it got turned down at the 11th hour as I think a lot of folks were scared to pull the trigger on a new theme at that moment. But I like the way it came out and I hope one day they consider it," said Mega Ran.

"But I think it's time for a new theme. I do love it and it's super-catchy, but it's been five years which is a testament in itself as no tag team lasts five years… It doesn't get booed or boring so I think they've got a formula. Maybe they know what they're doing by sticking with it.

"You can't turn down that pop, that guaranteed reaction. You're running a risk of taking that away if you change it. So, I get it."

He then talked more about the remixed theme he created for Kofi Kingston.

"It was definitely not the same. It wasn't something to dance to and was slow and brooding, ready for war," revealed Mega Ran. "We were trying to invoke Kofi's spirit and what he had to go through to get to the championship match and invoking his African roots. There were a lot of drums and it felt like a war scene, like a scene in Black Panther.

"It's very different for The New Day so I totally understand to switch from clapping and pancakes and dancing to a war-tribe feel would be a huge change, even if just for one night."

Mega Ran's new album "AGES, Vol 1" is now available and features his new song "The Sunset Flip" featuring WWE Superstar Xavier Woods. For more information or to download the album please visit

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