As we’ve noted, Jim Cornette has resigned from the National Wrestling Alliance after fallout over comments he made while doing commentary for this week’s episode of NWA Power on YouTube.

WWE Backstage host Renee Young and co-host Paige noted to fans on Twitter that they are not interested in giving Cornette a platform to explain his comments.

A fan tweeted Cornette and said he should go on Backstage for a post-NWA interview.

Paige responded, “Nah we’re good..”

“Lol hard no over here bud,” Renee added.

Cornette, who has been doing Power commentary since the show launched a few weeks ago, made the comments while Trevor Murdoch was in the ring, saying, “Trevor Murdoch is the only person who can strap a bucket of fried chicken to his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia. Trevor Murdoch can take care of himself!”

Cornette was immediately branded a racist by some fans on social media, and NWA temporarily removed the episode from YouTube so they could edit the comments out. The company also noted that they regret what happened. You can see the edited episode above. The promotion then issued the statement on Cornette’s resignation.

Cornette has promised to address the situation on Friday’s edition of his “Cornette Experience” podcast.

He tweeted this morning, “Morning everybody! Heard any good jokes lately? This coming Friday’s Jim Cornette Experience (wherever you find your favorite podcasts) is liable to be a good one if you like hearing stupid people told what they can do with their stupidity.”

It’s interesting to note that while Cornette is gone from the NWA, there were other episodes taped that he appeared in. Dave “Still Real To Me” Wills noted on Twitter that Cornette even appeared in the ring for one “pretty good feel good moment” that has been taped.

Wills tweeted, “Not to give away spoilers. We got one or two more shows in the can & there was one instance where there was a celebration in the ring after the pin. Jim entered the ring and was on hard camera for a pretty good feel good moment. I wonder myself what the plan is.”

Stay tuned for updates on Cornette’s sitution with the NWA.

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