Whether it is a continuation of his new heel persona or not, Rob Van Dam has continued to use strong words against AEW.

A few days ago RVD cut a promo explaining why he turned on Rhino at Bound for Glory. He noted he was tired of carrying Rhino, much like he did while in ECW. RVD also discussed how today's wrestlers are stealing his moves, mentioning Kenny Omega, Daniel Bryan and The Young Bucks.

"Without RVD there would be no Kenny Omega, there would be no Daniel Bryan, without RVD, there would be no Young Bucks," Van Dam said.

RVD continued his ranting after a fan told him on Twitter that AEW is a better fit for him than Impact. The former WWE Champion told the fan to stop telling him what to do, calling AEW a downgrade. He also went on to say that his values are the only ones that matter, stating the wrestlers from AEW don't look like real pro wrestlers.

"People who think their opinions are facts are really ignorant. According to my values- which are the only ones that matter to me-Impact is way better than whatever else you're marking out on. Most of those All Petite cuts don't even look like professional wrestlers."

Van Dam continued by saying that back in the day the wrestlers were 300 lbs and not being creative while he did the opposite as a "smaller" wrestler. He is back on the mindset of a built wrestler.

"Truthfully, I was a small 235 lb wrestler because the average guys were closer to 300 lbs and I was the only one creating and doing RVD moves. Now the average wrestler is 190 lbs and they all do my s--t. Elite= petite."