Scott D'Amore On The HIAC Finish And WWE's Booking, Josh Mathews On WWE's Disorganization

Impact makes its AXS TV debut this week after bouncing around on many different channels for the last few years. Ahead of their premiere, VP Scott D'Amore and commentator Josh Mathews talked with Forbes about the promotion's primary competition in the WWE.

WWE has taken some flack in the last few weeks regarding their controversial Hell in a Cell PPV which saw the main event between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt end in a referee stoppage. Most wrestling people labeled the finish as confusing and D'Amore joined that chorus while also admitting that Impact had made similar mistakes in the past.

"You've gotta know when to lead and when to follow as that goes, and just try to do things that don't insult the fan's intelligence," said D'Amore.

"I think [Impact], unfortunately in regime's past, had a tendency to do that and it is easy to sort of fall off the track as you saw [at Hell in a Cell]. You know, it's easy to have an old man that's out of touch go 'yeah, yeah it'll be fine, it'll be fine...' because it's always fine. That's how it works there. It's like, 'it'll be fine?yeah, they complain, but they'll never stop watching.'"

Outside of brief work as an enhancement talent, D'Amore never worked for WWE but Josh Mathews did. He talked about WWE's disorganization from being on the inside.

"It's just not fair to just change the rules completely, right? Like, that used to happen to me on a nightly basis during the show," said Mathews who was a WWE commentator for eight years.

"Sometimes things happen and sometimes they don't. It's like watching this football game and if they get to the five-yard line the referee said that's a touchdown."