Seth Rollins Reportedly Gives "Rah-Rah Speech" During WWE Talent Meeting Before RAW

WWE officials held a talent meeting backstage at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY before tonight's RAW episode.

The meeting was held at around 3pm ET today, according to Dave Meltzer of, with Vince McMahon and the RAW crew. Full details on the meeting have not been revealed yet, but word is that the travel debacle coming out of Thursday's WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia was addressed.

The company reportedly blamed talent speculation for causing a problem. Talents were told that the flight issues were all mechanical, and nothing more.

Seth Rollins reportedly spoke up at the meeting and attempted to do what was described as a "rah-rah" speech, while telling people to keep things like the meeting and other company happenings off social media in the future.

Regarding the travel woes, we noted before that Vince McMahon and his inner circle left the Kingdom before the travel issues even came up. Meltzer reports that Vince's flight left around 12:40am local time, which was about two hours before the WWE talents were to board their plane that never took off.

You can read our latest on the Saudi travel woes by clicking here. WWE announced that they have officially expanded their partnership with the Kingdom, and you can read that report by clicking here.

Stay tuned for more updates on the WWE – Saudi situation and the meeting held at RAW.