Kylie Rae made her Impact debut last month after requesting and receiving her release from AEW in September. Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman asked Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie about the possibility of Kylie Rae joining the Knockouts Division.

"I've had the chance to wrestle her prior and I think she is extremely talented and would bring something different to our Knockouts Division," said Valkyrie. "I am more than happy to humiliate her over and over again and have her go after me for the Knockouts Title."

With the ongoing Women's Revolution, some may see the term ''Knockouts" as being degrading to women's wrestlers. Valkyrie was asked what she thinks of that and if the Knockouts' name should be dropped.

"I've actually been asked this a lot recently. I personally believe that when I wanted to become a wrestler and I looked at the Knockouts, I didn't think of them as being meek or feeble," said Valkyrie. "I looked up to them because of what it represented and what they were as women's wrestlers.

"I consider being called a Knockout in 2019-20 as a privilege because of all of the women that came before me. I never look at it as being demeaning or thinking it needs to be changed. Although people will disagree with me, I believe we are special and are as equally as strong, talented and creative as the men."

She added that the current Knockouts are an evolution of what the previous Knockouts did. Brian Cage was also on the call and he gave his two cents on the name.

"Other companies call it just the Women's Division and they are featuring women in the ring but maybe not a whole lot of wrestling. TNA was the first to have legit women's wrestling and I thought the Knockouts Division naming it that was a way to stand out. This isn't gonna just be pretty girls in the ring dressed up as wrestlers. It's gonna be actual girls in the ring wrestling," said Cage.

"I would rather it stay the same because I don't see it as degrading whatsoever and there is the history and nostalgia behind it. At the same time, it was the best women's division when it started and it's the best women's division right now too. I think it makes it stand out and unique and I don't see any reason to change it."

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