When you’ve been a tag team as long as The Young Bucks have been teaming, it’s hard to stay fresh and new in the minds of fans. They’ve been teaming since 2001 and are always thinking of ways to reinvent themselves and are now doing that in AEW.

The brothers talked about staying fresh as a tag team when they joined Busted Open Radio.

“It’s taken years and years of thinking and watching tapes and doing things better, just literally getting into the ring and practicing things with Matt to come up with some of the ideas that we have,” said Nick. “For instance, some of the tag team moves that we do to this day we would do it in the backyard when we were just starting out almost 20 years ago. There are still little things that we still do till this day but we are still thinking of new things. As Matt said earlier, with the younger guys on the roster that we see practicing the whole day, it influences us to even try to get better now and try to learn more new and innovative things.

“I was just going to add about Nick and I that brotherhood, it’s something you can’t teach. It’s the chemistry that is in the blood. We can step in the ring together; he can give me a look and we can communicate together just by looking at each other,” said Matt. “It’s in the eyes and I know already what he is thinking and as weird as it sounds, our timing, we go off of the rhythm of each other’s bodies. Sometimes before, when we are about to do a superkick I can tell by his footwork where my feet need to be for us to connect on the superkick at the same time. It doesn’t take speaking to each other. We are speaking to each other through our bodies.

“Pro wrestling is a universal language and we go through matches, I can give him a look he knows what that look means. There are even instances where he will do something dangerous and he just has to look at me a certain way and I know right away that he’s okay. He is kind of giving me the iggy without even squeezing my hand. We just have been doing this for so long now that we can communicate together just by giving each other a glance.”

One of the things that AEW stated it would do before its launch was bring back tag team wrestling which has been a dying breed in other promotions. They have followed through with that so far and Nick said that the best is yet to come for AEW’s tag team division.

“One of the things that Matt and I discussed with the television show is to focus heavily on the tag team division. I feel very strongly that we have the best tag division in all of wrestling,” stated Nick. “It is only going to get better once all the tag teams get used to each other. You haven’t seen the best yet in what we are going to do on Wednesdays. We are going to focus on it even more.

“I have said this before and I will say it again, don’t be surprised if a tag match main events a pay per view one day, or a Wednesday night. It should happen and it will happen.”

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.